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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Alpha Male-sinful and sexy

Is there a book or story written where the hero is anything but an alpha male? Probably not because we like our heroes to be strong, sexy, protective, leader. We want to know that the heroine can call on him in any and all situations. But there are so many misconceptions about what an alpha male really is. The definition of an alpha male is very simple: he is a dominant male among other males. And comfortable enough in his own skin that he cares deeply for his friends and the women he is with. He is not a man who simply dominates without regard for others. 
But what characteristics make him the way he is?
For one thing he knows who he is down to the core. His convictions will be strong enough to convince you (at least momentarily) that he is right. The alphas decisions are thoughtful yet usually come to him instantly. If he has a choice to make, he rarely moves back and forth weighing and wavering in indecisiveness. Once a decision is made there is little questioning on whether or not it was the right one. He simply assumes it is right and moves on to more important matters.
He knows what to do in every situation to survive, physically and socially. He adapts quickly to his environment and wastes little time thinking about what to do. Throw him on a deserted island or into an unfamiliar social situation, he will adapt quickly and find himself easily taking control of the situation, even if unconsciously. It is not uncommon to see people surround alpha males at cocktail parties and other events merely because of their ability to adapt so well to the situation.
A major attribute is his ability to take care of the people he loves. Unlike most, his fears are not self based but rather geared towards others he cares about. He could care less if he dies in a struggle as long as his wife and children survive. If you were to cross him be ready to throw your life on the line because you can sure he will do the same.
He develops himself in every possible way, works hard at his pre-set goals with grit and determination. He is naturally gifted with one of the biggest talents - the ability to laugh at himself, and he does that often. He has an excellent sense of humor which naturally draws people to him.
The alpha is a calculated risk-taker. He never risks more than he can afford to lose and makes an internal checklist of the expected return of any venture.
And of course, he is smoldering, scorching hot sexy. His physically honed body is enough to melt any woman’s panties and in bed he is concerned first about the woman’s pleasure before his own. He woos her, seduces her, commands her and takes her to the heights of ecstasy.
Meet Gabe Walker, hero of Night Mission, the ultimate alpha male, looking for one night of pleasure with a woman who is smart, sexy and mature. One night, with memories he can take into his next mission to keep himself warm. But when he meets Maggie Fitzgerald all plans go out the wind like tumbleweeds in the desert.
Where can you meet them?
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Liz said...

ah the Alpha---and his little boy counterpart: The Bro.
Great Post! and I always think about the funniest book I ever read that perfectly describes a Beta Male:
A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore. cheers

Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Desiree - an alpha hero is definitely comfortable in his own skin. :)

Mary Corrales said...

If Gabe is all those things then I will have to say...I want him. :) lol

Great post!

jean hart stewart said...

Perfectly describes the guy we all crave. Doesn't he have just one little fault though? Please? Jean

Katalina Leon said...

Desiree you've written some mighty wonderful Alpha males!

Desiree Holt said...

I share Gabe with you but you all know how possessive I am! LOL!

Paris said...

I love the alpha male hero and your post describes him perfectly! I think Gabe sounds like a great hero and can't wait to add him to my TBR list:)

Janice said...

I'm not sure I like alpha males, but your post changed my mind. :P


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