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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tarot Cards & Writing

First off let me apologize.I'm a bit late today. Call me forgetful...Even with a Desk Calendar. I think my next post will be setting reminders for the reminders already in place...kind of like the paperless systems at corporations that generate more paper to back up the paperless system. I digress......

Basic Tarot Story

Passage Taken from-

Recovering from feelings of loss at last, the Fool begins to wonder if he will finally find the new spirituality he's after. It occurs to him that so far, he's been dealing with opposites: the two opposing sides of the scales (Justice), the material and spiritual (which he hung between as the Hanged man), death and birth (the one leading into the other in the Death card). Does one always have to be surrendered to get the other? he wonders.

It is at this point that he comes upon a winged figure standing with one foot in a brook, the other on a rock. The radiant creature pours something from one flask into another. Drawing closer, the Fool sees that what is being poured from one flask is fire, while water flows from the other. The two are being blended together into a completely different substance!

"How can you mix fire and water?" the Fool finally whispers. Never pausing the Angel answers, "You must have the right vessels and use the right proportions."

The Fool watches with wonder. "Can this be done with all opposites?" he asks. "Indeed," the Angel replies, "Any oppositions, fire and water, man and woman, thesis and anti-thesis, can be made into a unified third. It is only a lack of will and a disbelief in the possibility that keeps opposites, opposite." And that is when the Fool begins to understand that he is the one who is keeping his universe in twain, holding life/death, material world and spiritual world separate. In him the two could merge. All it takes, the Fool realizes, is the right proportions, the right vessel and enough faith that the two can be unified.

My Part :)

I'm a bit zany and or ecclectic. My thinking is entirely all over the place and that works for me. When eXtasybooks had the in house calling for the cards, I was excited. I like thinking different and combining different meanings together to find a great story.
This being said with the Tarot Cards you're able to dip into the spiritual meaning of the card and manipulate it to fit your own purpose. I love the cards because each hold a specific pattern or life lesson. Courting Disaster is my third card and I will do more simply because they're fun and it's easy to relate a hero and heroine to the varied perceptions.

Courting DisasterA Tarot Card Read

Coming July 1st from eXtasybooks

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Sorcha Channing is determined to achieve a positive outcome in her craft. The daunting task she undertakes lands her in over her head. With the help of her familiar Esmie—just maybe she can fix what's gone wrong.

Macsen Steele is tired of rescuing young witches from the boiling cauldron. With his enhanced and manipulated DNA, he’s only there to do his job, not fall for the beauty he's assigned to but can never have.

Temperance Card Meaning: Moderation. Unity, two separate parts merging together to make one whole entity better than the separate pieces.

Alchemy- Fire and water don't mix. Will the two opposites be able to avert politics aiming to separate them? Or can passion and respect burn hot enough to cause a complete melt down.


Heat from the sun’s rays departed and the fiery star dipped below the horizon. Sorcha flitted through Macsen’s mind. Irritated by the troublesome witch, he shrugged her image away as the decaying stench of evil permeated the air. He rose to follow the dark scent that tickled his nose. Stone cracked and crumbled down his naked body much like water sluiced off wet skin.

Under his feet, the roof creaked. Small pebbles pinged from his body while larger rock turned to ash, billowed in the air around him and then disappeared into the night sky. What he needed was a Red Bull to wake up properly. With stiff steps, he moved up the slope onto the highest peak and scrutinized the land below him.

Traversing one lifetime to the next, with a new coven for each stop, he paid a penance for his sinning parent whose choice damned him for eternity. His assignment to look after the ascending leader’s children, a keeper…a protector until recalled to a new location. Six young women drove him to distraction nightly. One aggravating temptation in particular refused to leave him in peace. From her hypnotic blue eyes, perfect body, to her moon spun silk hair, damn she had him waxing poetic. He snorted and let the sounds of the night give him the clues he needed. Yeah, she was up to no good. Her nervousness washed through him.

“Where are you, Sorcha?”

Oh shit. He heard her voice ring loud and clear, the soft sound of her cursing brought a laugh to his lips. He opened the link between them and found her staring—

With a guttural roar, he took flight, cloaking is form in invisibility. Weeding through the panic of six females meant ciphering which squeals were in actual terror and which were in moderate fear. The city below faded away. Enhanced vision showed him their magical trail, one he followed past the parks and out of the city. Macsen sniffed and let out a huff of hot air. Incensed, he headed toward the outskirts of the cemetery.

Wings splayed, he flapped above the quivering girls, trying to remain within their protective circle—upturned earth on one side of them, the thin veil sealing demons from entering earth on the other ripped open. Like a tug of war, the low-level demons edged closer in an attempt to draw them out. His gaze fell on Sorcha’s white knuckled grip on the grimoire and the summoned corpse trying to wrestle it from her hands. What in the hell had she gotten into this time?

He had half a mind to stand back to see what they were made of. When Ekho, the youngest of sisters, let out a wallop of a scream…loud enough to bring in local law enforcement, his decision was made for him. Macsen swooped down into the fray, opened his mouth, spewing acid fire in the demons’ direction, propelling them to scurry for cover. In a raspy dialect, he repeated his words, commanding their obedience in returning to their levels.


Katalina Leon said...

Wonderful excerpt Hales. I love the idea.

Renee Vincent said...

Very interesting, Hales! I've always been intrigued with that kind of stuff. Never had a reading myself, but listen intently when others have.

Great post and happy release week!

Hales said...

Thanks Ladies! I love my gargoyles and witches. Doing this story was fun, a lot of humor and disaster striking in odd places.It's a lot of fun.

For awhile I used to tell people how I didn't grow up in a traditional Christian household. I went from Indian Shamanisim to American Indian Shaminism, Bhuddism and then when I entered Jr High. I went to a Church every weekend other than that. When I visited my grandparents in the summer I'd go to church with them but didn't really understand it. I have a very broad understanding I think of theology because of my exposure to different beliefs. Some people feel bad for me when I mention my upbringing so I rarely mention it anymore.

Thanks Renee!

Gale Stanley said...

Great post and excerpt! I love Tarot cards and I have 3 decks, but I really have no idea how to read them. It's on my list of things to learn. If only there were more hours in the day.

Cara Marsi said...

I like tarot cards. Your story sounds terrific. I think it's cool you are so broadminded about different religions.

Hales said...

Thanks Gale and Cara!

I'm very openminded about most things ;0) It works well for me. I love this one and there will be more to follow!

Tina Donahue said...

Wow, love the cover and excerpt, Hales! :)

Sandy said...

I have a friend who does tarot cards. The concept of your story is interesting, Hales.

Anonymous said...

Appreciated the share!

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