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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Life of a Romance Author

Okay everybody. Hands up! Who would love to be a romance author full time?

I have to say ME! Of course we all know unless you are Nora Roberts or Lora Leigh, it's probably not too fesible for us to do this full time. Some of you know, but maybe not everyone, I'm a registered nurse. I'm currently not working full time at that and I'm doing better with my royalties to be able to stay home and write, but to give up the pay check of nursing -- probably not going to happen.

I love being home to write although I've found I get distracted a lot with other things, like laundry, dishes, phone calls, etc. I have come to the conclusion it's harder to write full time because of these things. There's always something to do around the house. What I've done here lately is take Saturday and Sunday to just write. I ignore everything to do with the house, shut my phone off, ignore IM's (well for the most part) and write. So far, it's going rather well. My weekdays are taken up by running my business, promoting my books, writing blogs and answering emails.

So what do you do to stay in the flow of writing your current piece? Are you easily distracted? One other question, how many WIP do you have going? Currently, I have 8 and I'm doing my best to get those down and finish them. It would be much easier if new characters would quit popping into my head and demanding their story come next. My current work is a Cougar story and it's going rather well. I'm almost finished with it, but I know I need to get busy on my stories that are sitting on my computer in various degrees of completion.

Oh well, I'll get to them eventually. So for now, I'll leave you with a cover and blurb from my upcoming Cougar story for the Hot Flash line of Secret Cravings Publishing.

Margaret Nelson, thirty-five year old country music talent agent. Her dream job
problem, her boss wants her to take on the newest, hottest rising star to hit
Nashville, Lee James. Making him a huge success should be easy. He's
gorgeous, sexy and oh-my-God, hot!

Lee James, do your momma proud country boy turned sizzling country star.
He's on the fast track to be the biggest thing to hit country music since George
Strait. The talent agency hired by his record company to promote him comes
with a huge issue—his attraction to his agent. She's beautiful, funny, and
smart, but she seems to have this hang up with being older than he is.

No way could Lee be attracted to a woman with cellulite, love handles and
sagging breasts or at least that's the way Maggie sees herself. He could have
any woman he wants, why her?

Can desire this blistering continue to ignite long after their one night of

Until next month



Marie Rose Dufour said...

I agree there are a lot of distractions at home. So I try to get up super early to get in some writing. I also go to work about a hour early to get some quiet writing in. Can't give up the day job, so I try and fit it in whenever I can! ;) I have two WIP going on right now and would like to sub them out by by the end of the summer. Lover Cougar stories, can't wait to read this one!

Tina Donahue said...

I've learned not to let anything distract me short of a fire or an earthquake.

I have an EDJ that I do from home (computer-based). And I also write every day with a set number of pages to complete. I don't go to bed unless I get my pages in. That's why I don't allow myself any distractions. I do like to sleep. :)

jean hart stewart said...

I try to keep on schedule, but when the writing doesn't want to flow it's hard to make myself keep up. I do write every day though. e-mail and chores in the morning, writing fomr no TV, except for a weekend treat of a home movie. Something had to give.

Paris said...

I try to keep to a writing schedule with a certain number of words each day. I usually work better in the morning and then try to edit what I've written in the evening so I know where I want to go the next day.

Good luck with the Cougar story--I love them!

Sandy said...

There are way too many distractions in my life right now.

I had really hoped I would get a lot of writing done this past week, but it didn't happen. I haven't counted, but probably only two or three pages. I hope to get more done tomorrow before I post to my goals group.

Daisy Dunn said...

It's so difficult to balance a full time job with writing, family, friends, having a life, etc. However, when I'm in the middle of writing a story, I just can't seem to has to come out. Thankfully, I have a very understanding and supportive partner (which really helps) and family and friends who work around my busy schedule. They make life so much easier in all the chaos. I just wrote a fantasy Cougar story too for the Hot Flash line that's coming out in Sept. I feel very privileged that my story will be on the same page as yours. I'm looking forward to reading yours :)

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