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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guest Blog: Cathryn Cade: How Reading Romance Novels Can Save Your Sanity...and Your Marriage!

I'm married. Happily. But after beaucoup years with the same hunk of manliness, sometimes … I just need to get away. I need the perfect man. There, I said it. And the ceiling of my office in our Victorian house didn't fall in on me.

Don't get me wrong--I wouldn't dream of being unfaithful to my husband.

That is, except between the pages of a great romance novel. I've fallen in lust and love so many times over the years with rough, tough alpha males, I just can't count them all. Along with the heroines of their stories, I've saved mad, bad and dangerous rogues with the power of my love (and, as the incomparable Jen Crusie put it, "my sparkly hoo-hah".

And when the muse strikes, I invent my own heroes. Yes, I confess! I'm in love with every one of my heroes--Tygers, Dragolins, space ship captains and Indigons.

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght is currently rocking Amazon as a Free Read—check it out!

Bio: Cathryn Cade is a busy wife and mother of two tall, incredibly handsome sons. By day she is an elementary school librarian, by night she cruises imaginary worlds with a paranormal twist. She is a Montanan who is now lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently working to bring more new heroes to readers.

The latest of my heroes to meet readers is Daron Navos. Deep Indigo is the culmination of The Orion Series.
BLURB: Deep Indigo
When icy control meets loose laser cannon, the rules go up in flames.

Commander Daron Navos. Renowned Indigon intuit, respected leader…a man running from half of himself. He can control the mind of any creature in the galaxy, even lock his dark, human sexual needs behind a wall of icy self control. Until he meets a woman who tempts him into using his powers for seduction—the lovely, innocent Nelah Cobalt.

As Nelah’s star rose with her burgeoning Indigon powers at university, she leapt at the chance to intern under Navos. But the hero of her fantasies fears her human half is too volatile to be trusted with the coveted position.

When they are forced to combine powers to stop a sabotage attempt, their incredibly intimate mind-meld turns a simple case of post-battle attraction into a night of passion neither thought possible. And, as Navos teaches her to use her powers to heighten sensual pleasure, he finds she isn’t the only Indigon with much to learn.

Except it’s clear someone is remotely using psychic powers to endanger the ship. Nelah may be the key, and Navos faces his greatest challenge ever—loving the woman who may have to sacrifice herself to save The Orion.

Product Warnings: Spock-like hero who gives into temptation and uses intuitive powers for sexual satisfaction, heroine who is more than happy to submit to his sensual control, and ship full of space voyagers enjoying the waves of passion emanating from the powerful couple. Voyeurism shockingly included.


Liz said...

wow! I like the sound of that last book...and I'm not a big SciFi fan. But as far as saving a marriage? I also believe that not only can you use reading as an excuse to "fall in love" with a big hunky alpha male but also to rev up the engines between the sheets. Getting my sparkly Hoo-ha what it needs after reading some of the steamier stuff gets to fall spouse! He's not complaining. Not one bit. Great post Cathryn thanks! Liz

Cara Marsi said...

I fall in love with all my heroes too. And I agree with Liz that you can use romance books to rev up the engines between the sheets. They say women who read romance novels have sex more often than women who don't read the books. Here's to our hunky heroes!

Thanks for the great post, Cathryn.

Fran Lee said...

I can't write a hero that I can't totally fall in love and lust with. Thanks for the sounds hot.

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