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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ah, Summer!

Never mind that the calendar says summer doesn't officially begin until the 21st, it's well and truly here in Michigan, with record temperatures last week, the kids out of school, and the sound of lawnmowers being the first thing I hear on the weekends. After adding on to the house last year, we are currently without a deck, which is sad, as I love to sit outside. The husband and I spent this weekend taking wood from the old deck to build a small platform to hold the barbecue, pending the construction of a new deck later in the summer. I also found temporary homes for some of our chairs, so at least now there's a place to sit. Mind you, I'm loving my sunny, breezy, family room/office that's filling the space where the deck used to be. It's just that I do miss my outdoor space as well. And with construction debris all over the yard, we haven't even thought about putting up the inflatable pool. still not sure where that's gonna go.

And that's it for summer plans for us. Hopefully we'll do some fun day trips around southern Michigan, but I suspect the deck will be instead of a vacation. And that's just fine. There's lots to do locally, and it will be nice to take some time to do it. I have my eye on the vintage 1890s baseball they play at Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford Museum, and a visit there will be a great boost to my steampunk knowledge. In August there's the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and right here in my little town we have a big annual balloon race with all kinds of other stuff going on.

So what are your plans for this summer? Drop a comment, (please include a contact email) and one lucky winner will receive a free download of Midsummer Dreams (learn more about the book here), or  one of my other available e-books. Because after all, you have to have something good to read at the beach, right?

Happy Summer everyone, or for those of you in the southern hemisphere, stay warm during the winter!


Amber Skyze said...

We're just doing day trips around here and in the Boston area this year too. If my doctor allows I'd like to go to New Hampshire for a long weekend. :)

Wynter Daniels said...

Summer's been in full bloom here in Florida for a while now. We'll be hanging around the pool instead of taking any trips. After a major $$$ plumbing fix, we can only manage some Popsicles to remind us it's summer;-)

Katalina said...

Happy Midsummer Dreams Cindy, and congratulation on the terrific reviews you've received.

Patti Shenberger said...

We're doing day trips this summer as well. So far hit up Frankenmuth and the riverboat tour, the Huron Light Ship in Port Huron and other stuff. So much to see, so little time. Enjoy the summer. You never know Cindy, the weather may change tomorrow!

Molly Daniels said...

Since we kidnapped the 'grandkids' for the summer, I'm hosting 'Aunt Molly's Summer Reading Program' for three little ones behind in their reading levels. In July, I think we're going to try to work in a trip to a local amusement park (Holiday World...cheaper than most parks!), and celebrate my daughter's b-day. Otherwise, we hit the pool on dollar days, and I'm planning another trip to my Mom's the first weekend in August for a mini HS reunion. Then it's back to school time again. Just doesn't seem fair; kids go back Aug 10th. But at least I'll get my writing life back, lol:)

Neecy said...

We are going to Florida! (?) It's the first time I'll be flying in a plane. Needless to say I'm very nervous, and excited at the same time...
I have a fear of flying and heights. My DH and I usually go up north for a long weekend with the kids. One time we drove to Hilton Head, I turned a blind eye as we passed through the mountains. This is all new territory for me.

flchen1 said...

I can't believe it's mid-June already, Cindy! No big summer plans for us--just hanging out at home, letting the kids play a few more video games than usual, and cleaning out the house! Ack! I'm looking forward to some time to read in between :) Oh, and need to remember to sign the kids up for the local library's summer reading program...

f dot chen at comcast dot net

jean hart stewart said...

No big plans here..We try to go to the desert every month during the winter, and will go again for a few days next week. Then it will be too hot till Deptember. Big sales on now there, so I plan to indulge in a few items.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Love the blog, and enjoy spending time just reading the post.
Well, we are finally getting the remodel done in our home here in the interior of Alaska north of Fairbanks. We moved our home from there to the top of a mountain, and now I get all kinds of fix ups done. I got a new floor in my kitchen yesterday, and my laundry room today. Next we are going to check out the forest fire area across the valley from our mountain. Thank you goddess for the rain that is helping.. It's only 9-10 miles away, and now we anchored to home till it is out. It put a halt to the trip we were going to take up to the polar bears this summer, but property and home is important right now.
Love the excerpt on this delightful story and love the cover too. I put it on my gotta have list too...*S*
Thanks for the contest!



Kathy Ivan said...

Summer in Texas--what else needs to be said other than my A/C unit has konked out and I'm waiting for the repair person to come (tomorrow is as soon as they can get here).

No travel plans for the summer, but might be able to squeeze in a 3 day weekend and make a quick jaunt someplace, but it will be spontaneous and not planned. Great blog post, Cindy.

wlynnchantale said...

Wonderful blog. Cool, cool summer. We're planning on a trip to Six Flags, Cedar Point, and a cruise.

Karen said...

I have absolutely no vacation plans for the summer. :(

DH just started a new job and will be gone for 2 or 3 weeks at a stretch - color me sad. Daughter is taking a trip to upstate NY to see family. I'm stuck home taking care of her cats! :O)

Congratulations on the great reviews of Midsummer Dreams!

Looks like reading is going to be my vacation - which is not bad at all~~

Marie Rose Dufour said...

I decided to take the month of July off and do some more writing. No "summer job" for this teacher, it's the first time ever. So I am super excited. We had a little taste of summer here in New England but it's back to being gray, wet, and cold. Hoping to see the sun again soon.

Anne Seebaldt said...

I plan to go to Mt. Pleasant and parts north and to East Tawas for short weekend trips to see friends and family, respectively.

Mindy said...

Well, my summer plans just started falling into place :)
I paid off my mortgage!
The rest of my plans are shaping up my backyard (after the EPA gets done digging up my yard for a 2nd time, lead from an old battery factory is poisoning the houses/yards in Hamburg, PA)
I also plan on doing some metal detecting & beach bunnying ;)
And work of course.

Mindy :)

Tina Donahue said...

Summer for me means finding air conditioning fast. I live in Palm Springs and it gets up to 127 degrees here. I like fall, spring and winter much better. :)

Cathy M said...

Summer has been a little slow in coming, so we still have snow in some of the spots we were planning for some summer fun. Will definitely spend a week up in Tahoe in July, and a long weekend at the beach in August for our annual family reunion.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Gabby said...

Yep you'd never know that it's not officially summer in Ohio either if it weren't for some of the high temps we had last week, man it was not good.

Things have cooled a little bit which is nice considering I've been doing a lot more walking then I usually do, which I guess is a good thing since walking is supposed to be good for you.

Anyway, it's definitely starting to feel like summer where I am right now.

I don't really have any official summer plans as of yet I've been walking around town trying to find a job, so that's about the extent of my summer plans for the moment.

You never know though plans change so I might be doing something over the summer, I'm just not sure what yet.

I hope everyone has a good summer!


Paris said...

We're not planning anything but a few day trips and maybe a week-end getaway. Our biggest project might be painting the kitchen--hot fun in the summertime, lol!

Congrats on the great reviews for Midsummer Dreams!

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Cindy Spencer Pape said...

The winner is Kathy Ivan! Thanks so much to all of you for your great comments.

R. Ann Siracusa said...

Ah, summer. Mine are about the same as the winters in terms of what I do. Except I'm hot (in terms of the temperature, that is) in the summer and cold in the winter. Oh, yes, and on the days I have my grandchildren (2 of the 8) I have them all day rather than just part of the day. I do my traveling in the spring or fall.

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