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Friday, May 13, 2011

Very Superstitious

So it's Friday the 13th. An unlucky day? Well, I tried all day yesterday to get this post up, but Blogger was down. I strongly suspect anyone involved in the highly successful movie series considers it very lucky, on the other hand.

So many superstitions about luck. Bad luck can come from broken mirrors, spilled salt, black cats, walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella inside the house. Good luck charms include crossed fingers, four leafed clovers, rabbits' feet (not so lucky for the rabbit) upturned horseshoes and knocking on wood.

I found a collection of interesting tidbits at While you're at it, leave a comment below on your favorite superstition, and sometime Sunday, I'll draw one random commenter to win a copy of my new book from Ellora's Cave: Midsummer Dreams.

 * * * *

Midsummer Dreams
Holiday Hearts #4
By Cindy Spencer Pape

Matt Warren has always been the man of Summer’s dreams. He was her childhood imaginary playmate, her teen crush, and the wildly sexy fantasy lover of her adulthood. She’s always known he wasn’t real, but after experiencing his imaginative, passionate touch, no real man has ever measured up. Alone on a beach shortly before her birthday, however, Summer discovers that the Holiday family magic hasn’t left her behind. Matt is real, here on her beach, and her to make Summer his, in every way possible.

Matt has always known that he has a gift as a dreamwalker, and that Summer was out there, and would someday be his, if he didn’t get himself killed first. Now that his career as an Air Force pilot is over, he’s moved to Charleston to find Summer and teach her that their shared erotic dreams are even better in real life, and that their love can last a lifetime.

Excerpt: (ADULT)

Summer Holiday tossed and turned in the middle of a dream that had visited on and off her whole life. She knew she was dreaming, but she didn’t want it to end.

The sand was warm beneath her feet and the surf lapped softly against the shore. No one else was around, just the two of them. The handsome, golden-haired man gazed at her with his midnight-blue eyes. He reached for her and she walked into his arms. He was mostly naked, a pair of cut-off jeans his only covering. She had on a sundress, with a bikini underneath. This part of the dream was the same, had been since she could remember. As she’d gotten older though, it had grown more and more explicit. Now, sometimes the dream carried through until they’d both come, and Summer wanted that tonight. It had been a long week, and she needed some sort of release.

“Summer.” He murmured her name into her hair as he hugged her close. That had been added to the dream sometime in her teen years. They’d shared names and told each other about their lives. Her subconscious had built quite a character for her dream man. He was three years older than her, had parents who were divorced, a married sister, and since her college years, he’d been in the military. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Matt.” Matthew Harrison Warren, that’s what she’d named him. Major Matt Warren. Her childhood dream friend who’d grown into her adult dream lover. “It’s been a long time.”

“I was in the hospital for a while,” he told her as he kissed her earlobe, the line of her neck. “I didn’t dream while they had me pumped full of drugs.”

This was her dream, not his. Still, she wasn’t going to waste it asking questions. She wanted him inside her—now. The minute she’d seen him coming down the beach in her dream, she’d grown wet and ready for him. It had been months since her last dream of Matt and years since she’d had a real lover. None of the guys she’d dated had ever measured up to the man of her dreams.

Summer was impatient. She tugged open the buttons of his fly and pushed his jeans down around his ankles. There was a new, angry-red scar on his hip, stitch marks clear through the center of it.

“I have an artificial hip joint now,” he said. “Like an old man. I’m not in the Air Force anymore, of course. I’m working on what to do next.”

When had her dreams decided she needed a lover who wasn’t a fighter pilot? No matter since he only existed in her head. Maybe this was her subconscious reminding her she wasn’t getting any younger. “You’ll find something. You’re a qualified engineer, right?” Before he’d gone off to the Air Force, she’d dreamed he was an aeronautical engineering student.

“That I am, sugar. I’ll find a job, don’t you worry about it.”

She leaned over and kissed the scar. Her cheek rubbed against his thick cock, already fully erect. Of course she wouldn’t worry—or shouldn’t. He was simply a dream. But the scar looked so inflamed and painful, her heart lurched. “Does it hurt too much?”

“Too much to make love to you? Never.” He pulled her sundress over her head and tugged open the ties of her bikini. The sun warmed her nipples but they stayed as hard as if she stood in a snow bank. One by one, Matt dropped kisses on the dark-pink buds. “Every time I see you, you’re even more beautiful than I remember.”

“I’m almost thirty-three,” she reminded him, feeling positively ancient. “Just another few weeks until my birthday. My youngest brother just got married, and my oldest has a two-month-old little girl. My younger sister’s been married for a year, and now they’re talking about having a baby. That leaves just me and Sam as the singles in the family.” Summer was the middle of the five Holiday siblings while Sam was second oldest.

“All the men in Charleston are idiots.” Matt dropped to his knees in the sand, though there was miraculously a blanket underneath them. “I’m coming, Summer. Will you wait for me? I promise I’m on my way.”


CJ said...

Not superstitious at all. I always have my umbrella open in the house to dry off after a storm. My cat is black and I have passed many times under the ladder. Since I have not met a witch yet, no salt has been tossed over my shoulder.
But what I am going to do is going to buy you book right now. I have to know what is happening next. This excerpt was great.

Katalina said...

Cindy, I'm happy you got your blog posted!
Midsummer Dreams sounds wonderfully romantic!
As our resident paranormal holiday girl -isn't Friday the 13th something of a paranormal calendar holiday? Of course this would be your day to blog and the same day blogger had something mysterious going on... lol

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks, CJ and Kat. It DID seem horribly appropriate.

jean hart stewart said...

Absolutely loved the excerpt. I blogged once about my grandmother's superstitions. The craziest was if you left the house, forgot something and came back in, you had to walk around and then sit in a chair she placed in the center of room. No exceptions. Never heard of this from anybody else. Glad you got in to post.

Molly Daniels said...

I'm only superstitious when it comes to sports. Take this past March: I discovered my teams were winning when I ate pistachio nuts. And during the final 4, I ran out. Hubby could NOT be cajoled into a store run, and my pick in game #2 lost. He did buy me another bag for the final game, and things went a bit better:) I still got laughed at...

Nina Pierce said...

Cindy - Don't enter me in the contest, I just wanted to stop over and drool over your cover and enjoy the excerpt. *sigh* I'm already in love with Matt. Best of luck with this one!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Jean, that is one I've never heard of, and Molly, sports have a LOT of odd superstitions associated. Nina, thanks for stopping by!

Fran Lee said...

Lucky 13! And another fabulous offering from one of my favorite authors!

Harlie Reader said...

I'm not sure if it superstitious or me being anal retentive but if I don't have two cups of coffee in the morning before I leave in the morning, I'm a b*tch for awhile.

Great excerpt and congratulations on the release

Maria said...

My favorite superstition has to do with the "black cat" were revered by the ancient Egyptians and it wasn't until much later that the cat fell from grace.....I've never had bad luck around a black


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Maria, I think you're right about black cats getting a bad rap. Harlie, I think caffeine is one of the major food groups rather than superstition, LOL. And Fran, THANK YOU!

Janice said...

I have a black cat so I don't think the black cat superstition works on me, lol. My husband does have a fear of Friday the thirteenth, because he lost a job on that day years ago.

Your book sounds really good. Good luck and I wish you many sales.

Tina Donahue said...

Midsummer Dreams sounds awesome, Cindy! :)

Sandy said...

I love your cover, blurb and excerpt. It sounds like a beautiful love story.

My hubby doesn't believe in superstitions and to prove Friday 13th false, we went to a casino for breakfast. After we ate, he had a premonition that we should go play for awhile. lol He won $3700.00. Grin. Not a bad day!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Sandy, that sounds like a great day! Janice, my husband has a tie he never wore again after being fired in it. And Tina, thank you!

AllureVanSanz said...

Awww.. What a bummer not to be able to post on your day. I've been busy making up for the Blogger error but thought I'd stop by for a visit. It's been a little while since I've stalked you.

::Grins:: Let's see...I do a few things out of fun, not really superstitious. I do make sure to throw salt over my left shoulder, and I walk three times around my ritual circle to open and close it. That's about it that I can think of off the top of my head.

Good to see you!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

And the winner is Janice! Janice, contact me by email and let me know what format you'd prefer. Everyone, thanks so much for stopping by!

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