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Monday, May 9, 2011

A taste of 'Sugar Roux Voodoo' for you"

It’s good to be back at Romance Books R’ Us! I took a little break from most blogging this spring because of a heavy workload. Hopefully, I’ll soon have something to share with you about what I’ve been working on.

“Sugar Roux Voodoo” is my latest book from Ellora’s Cave Publishing and the first of what I hope will become a series. This story has a little bit of everything. It’s categorized as a historical but it has Voodoo parlors aboard gambling riverboats, dashing pirate captains who love purple brocade, evil shape-shifters sexually accosting women in the alleyways of the French Quarter, and zombies working the cane fields…It’s all for fun and complete fantasy, none of it belongs in a history book.

Did I mention there’s also a once in a lifetime romance, redemption, forgiveness and love? That’s the good part. I’m not giving anything away here be saying the core of the story is love makes us better people and can save us from our darkest hour. At least that’s what I intended.

Here’s the Blurb:
New Orleans 1834. Lark La Beau is a green-eyed beauty and respected beneficent voodoo priestess with the sometimes uncooperative gift of clairvoyance. Captain Valcour Curry is a debonair, larger-than-life buccaneer with ambition to burn and a taste for fine things. Following a whirlwind romance with Lark, he disappears at sea, leaving Lark with a riverboat and a child to rear—alone.

A guilty act of piracy causes Valcour to fall victim to a shapeshifting magician who practices the dark art of soul-swapping. For five years Valcour has been enslaved as an emotionless zombie with no memory of his loved ones or past. From dusk to dawn he is cursed to toil in the cane fields while the evil magician uses his soul to lure women near and have his brutal way with them.

Lark’s love for Valcour runs deep. She risks hell and journeys to the oppressive Broken Oak Plantation to break the curse. It’s a terrifying place. Her only tools to call Valcour’s lost soul back to life are beneficent voodoo and the sensual power of love.

Romance Writer’s Reviews loved “Sugar Roux Voodoo” and gave it 5 Stars!
The book had me hanging on, I couldn’t put it down I wanted to know what would happen. I really enjoyed the storyline, it was interesting and different.”
You can read the full review here: you would like to read an except of “Sugar Roux Voodoo” please go to:

“Sugar Roux Voodoo” has a book trailer too. I wanted to make Captain Valcour Curry happy, so we used a lot of purple and of course one of his favorite gemstones… if you haven’t see the trailer yet please take a look:

Thank you! I love reading your comments so please leave one or just say hello!

Katalina Leon “Sugar Roux Voodoo”, Ellora’s Cave Legend Line available now.


Amber Skyze said...

Welcome back, Kat. I'm reading Sugar Roux and I'm so fascinated by the characters and setting. I just wish I could devote more time to reading because I'm dying to find out what happens next. :)

Rachel Firasek said...

The new release looks awesome! Congrats on the great review!

Tina Donahue said...

I love this book, Kat!!! And the trailer - wow! I know you'll have awesome sales. :)

Sandy said...

Glad to have you, Kat.

Sugar Roux sounds like a fascinating story, and I would love to read it.

Katalina said...

Thank you Amber, I know you're very busy at the moment writing something great that I can't wait to read!
Hi Rachel, congratulations on the great reviews you've recently received.
Tina, thank you sweetie! "Take Me Away" looks like its taking off! Best wishes to you and your newest release.
Hi Sandy! I'm happy to be back. This spring got a little crazy!

Katalina said...

Extra love and good prayers to you Marianne. May this surgery go with ease and your recovery be quick.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

So glad about the great review. This book sounds fabulous!

Katalina said...

Thank you Cindy, I enjoyed writing it so much. This was something different for me and I had a good time.

Fran Lee said...

Loved this one! Another hot read from you, Kat, darlin'...

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