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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you tired of blogs?

Do you like blogs? Really?

Seems as if my e-mail is loaded lately with blogs. All kinds of blogs from so many people it’s hard to keep track. It’s also impossible to read them all. So here I am blogging, and I really wonder why.

Most of them are excellent. But some are a sheer waste of time, and some are so full of self-promotion it turns me off from the first sentence. Good advice and straight thinking is what I’m looking for. A little humor thrown in never hurts. Well, maybe a lot of humor!

One quote I love about writing is from Lillian Hellman, the famous playwright. “If I had to give young writers advice, I would say don’t listen to writers talking about writers or themselves.” I always hesitate to blog anyway, and that advice doesn’t exactly urge me on.

So what’s the answer to too many blogs? I know I miss some good ones, but like all writers I never have enough time to read even half the e-mail from my writer’s groups. I wish some of you who are reading this would comment and let me know what you think. Too many blogs? Not enough? Do you like excerpts or do you prefer blurbs? What attracts you the most? I’d really like to know.

Just to give you a choice, here’s an excerpt from my book Quest for Magic which is coming out this summer. You can read it and do, do, do tell me what you like. I’ll send the complete ms. to one of those lovely people who take the trouble to comment. This ms.and excerpt are not yet edited, so you’ll be the first to see it.

"Jono drove home quickly, not wanting the evening to end, but hoping he could kiss her good night again. They said little on the way to the flats. When he took her to her door, he stood looking at her a moment, not able to believe his luck in having her with him, her expressive eyes clearly expecting his kiss.
He took her in his arms, loving the way she moved into them, at first hesitantly, and then with grace.
“I’ll need more than just one goodnight kiss, Hayley.”
Her eyes grew even larger, as she turned her face up to his. Her eyes closed as he kissed her with restrained passion. As her arms locked around his neck he deepened the kiss. He’d promised himself to stay in check no matter how she inflamed him but then she moved her body against his with a low sigh. He’d never known a woman’s body could fit quite so well. Every curve seemed fashioned to meld with his masculine angles. He doubted if a sheet of paper could slip between them without going up in flames.
With a groan he backed her into the shadows against the porch wall and ground his rampant penis into her softness. She gasped, but moved her hips again in the most feminine of welcomes, and Jono forgot all about his decision not to rush her. He kissed her breasts through her thin blouse, moving from one to the other and sucking each nipple in a wild assault. His control, always precarious when around her, almost vanished. Her uninhibited response, even though every move proclaimed her an innocent, sent him over the edge he’d resolved not to cross with her so soon.
But she’d learned so quickly. She was seducing him every bit as much as he was seducing her.
He reached under her skirt and let his hands caress her slim hips, trying desperately to keep control. Her silken panties were thin and he could feel the soft curls under them. He started to drag at the last garment hindering his access to paradise and then he realized where they were. Practically in public, for Merlin’s sake, even though no one had yet walked down the street. He couldn’t insult her in this crude manner.
She clutched him and moaned when he started to pull away.
He gave her one deep kiss and then loosened her arms around his neck.
“It’s too public out here. Will you come into my flat with me, Hayley?"


hime823 said...

I love to blog. I've had a blog for seven years and way before I my first book was published.

BTW, your except was ooh, sexy.

Tina Donahue said...

Very nice excerpt, Jean.

You're correct that there are tons of blogs out there. The way I look at it is this - there are also tons of products for consumers to buy. Each has their favorite and ignores the rest. No one will ever capture the entire market, just a slice.

And it's that slice we're speaking to in our blogs. To our fans, those readers who've just found us, and beginning writers who want to know what all this is about. :)

Victoria said...

I have to agree with you - there are too many blogs. I'm on quite a few loops and almost all of them say "look at my blog". Yes, there is a lot of good information out there, but I simply do not have the time to read them all.

So, to answer your question - a blurb works best for me - particularly if it has a link to an excerpt. That way, if I like the blurb and want to take the time, I can check it out further.

And speaking of that - yours sounds really good. Thank you! :)

Sandy said...

Jean, I agree with you about too many blogs. I just don't have time to go to all of them.

That being said, I, also, agree with Tina. Our fans are reading our blogs. I hope. Smile.

When I read a blog, there has to be something in the topic that catches my attention. I don't like to go to blogs that are nothing but promotion for books.

On my blog, I write about things I'm interested in, and I hope others will be, too. I do some promotion, and I do interview authors when I can.

A nice excerpt, Jean, and I liked your question.

Kenzie Michaels said...

That's why I like the 'following' option; it saves me time from clicking on blogs that haven't been updated for some time. And I've noticed some authors aren't blogging regularly anymore, though these same authors advised me three years ago to blog every day. Is it because other forms of social media have taken over? Who knows?

I also tend to skip ones who only self-promote all the time. I want to see a glimpse into your mind/life, not just a 'buy my book' post.

And Jean, I need to read more of your work, lady:)

jean hart stewart said...

Wow, I haven't even finished my coffee yet out here on the west coast and I've got five responses. You lovely people who answered, thank you. It's great your viewpoints vary so much and I'm fascinated with the differences. Thanks so much to you all...Jean

Katalina Leon said...

Hello Jean, "Quest For Love" sounds wonderful. I always enjoy your blogs!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Kat.. The same to you, sweetie. I've enjoyed today's blogging.. so maybe I'm finally getting the hang of it. Jean

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks to everyone who blogged. All your comments were thoughtful and I appreciate them. Will pick a winner at random tomorrow when I'm sure all comments are in....

anny cook said...

There are zillions of blogs. I pick the ones that are interesting to me. Most of them have ZERO to do with writing.

If someone posts a notice about a topic I might be interested in, I might visit their blog. But they'll need more than that one post for me to continue with them.

Great excerpt! However, I won't usually visit a blog to read an excerpt. I'm with the lady who recommended a blurb. I really like that idea.

Interesting topic. My own blog is pretty much about things that interest me and USUALLY it doesn't have much to do with writing although today's post does... :-)

Fenella Miller said...

I'm spending too much time reading and posting - my writing is suffering because of it and I'm not sure how valuable blogging is to my sales.
Fenella Miller

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Anny, a pleasure to have you visit. I'm gonna have to think about these different viewpoints. Guess I'll have to pay more attention to my blurbs, I've been thinking excerpts were more favored. Oooh, my poor brain!

jean hart stewart said...

Fenella, join the crowd. I don't think any of us are sure what works. Thanks for commenting. Jean

Sandy Sullivan said...

Personally, I'm not a blog person. I never know what to write and I don't update my own nearly as much as I should, I suppose.

I love reading blurbs and excerpts from books, but the immediate stuff like the cover better grab me or I won't read on. A fantastic blurb will get me to buy.

~ Sandy

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