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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ups and Downs

This has been a week of ups and downs for me and my family. The lows include two close friends being diagnosed with cancers, my son (with whom we live) being laid off, and the death of our darling cat(we had her for 19 years). All rough patches. But there were high points too...The bookstore where I work held a book signing for me (and two other local authors) on Friday night. Though I had all three of my "print" books there, the focus was on my newest one, PRIME TIME, and I thought it went pretty well. During the signing, the local TV station came in and interviewed us and we made the 10:00 news. That was fun. My best friend and critique partner came over on Thursday and we spent several hours brainstorming and got problems worked out for both of us on our current works-in-progress.

That brainstorming session gave me the nudge (re: kick in the butt)to get focused. I was splitting my writing time between two stories, not into either one enough to really work on it much. According to my own logic, I was too concerned about my own issues to worry about a character's problems. And yes, I'm still worried, but I am also dealing, which I wasn't before.

My new story, a fantasy, is starting to shape up nicely. I've got the main characters named and fleshed out, the issues they're facing and when they're facing them charted out, and work done on secondary characters. I'm starting to love this book more and more with each day. The excitement of writing is back for me, plus, it's a bit cathartic. As I write my characters into - and out of - bad situations, I work through my own troubles. My characters are facing thing much worse than I'll ever face, and they're going to survive (at least, the two main ones will!) so I will too. Together, we'll all get through this. Like my characters in PRIME TIME, you can't hide from your problems, but have to face them. To find out more about PRIME TIME, or any of my other stories, click here. It will take you to my wordpress site where you can see both Vicky Burkholder, and Victoria Allen's stuff.

May you have a good day/week with more highs than lows.



Tina Donahue said...

So sorry about your friends' illness, son's layoff and the loss of your cat, Vicky.

Congrats on your book signing - wow, I've never had the local TV station show up for mine. You must feel like a celeb!! :)

Paris said...

Problems do seem to have a habit of hitting all at once, don't they?

I'm so glad that you're excited about all the new writing developments and your wonderful book signing. Best of luck!

jean hart stewart said...

Bad patches really test one, don't they. I'm glad you're back to writing. My husband's death floored me for a while, but I'm now back to writing. I should say I'm writing well again(I think) when for the first few months I wrote trach. Writing is definitely a blessing. Jean

vickyb said...

Low times do test us, but it makes us stronger, right? :) At least, that's what I keep telling myself. And the excitement over the new writing really helps. Thanks for the comments!

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