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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My musical muse

Thruth be muse loves music, but not just any music. There is a certain beat, a melody, a feel that my muse loves the most.

Evanescence, Gloria Estefan, Paramore, anything that has that flair of love, lovemaking or just sexiness to it. And lately, Rihanna has filled those shoes! Have you seen her new video? H.O.T! And let's not forget to mention Lady Gaga's, Born This Way...OMG! I have to limit Gaga's music to when I'm not writing because all I want to do is get up and shake my groove.

I crank the music to wall shaking levels and allow myself to be absorded into the "feel" of it. There is nothing sexier than listening to Gato Barbieri's, Europa playing in the background and finishing a kick ass romance scene or when Rihanna's S&M finishes playing and I've just banged out a sexy love/bondage scene! Yeah, baby! That's what some writers live least, I do!

So, what turns your muse's head and gets him/her/its creative juices flowing?


Tina Donahue said...

I like Estefan too. I'm really into Carrie Underwood now because of her song "Before He Cheats" - wow, that is one helluva song.

Molly Daniels said...

Mine's eclectic. I've written to Prince, Aqua, and more recently, the CD Now 5. I had to keep replaying some of the songs; I came up for air and realized I'd missed some of my old favorites; I was so 'in the zone', I'd tuned them out!

I've also written to Bon Jovi and classic rock. Just depends what strikes a chord with my fickle muse:)

Linda Kage said...

What's that line in Rhianna's new song, S&M: Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me.

What a great muse motivator for any erotic romance novelist!!

Sandy said...

If I listened to music I would be into the music and not the writing. Quiet for me, but excellent post.

Annie Alvarez said...

Music is a lot like reading. It's inspirational. Of course, what it inspires is not always what I wanted, but... LOL

Love being here and thanks for visiting with me :0)

jean hart stewart said...

Interesting post but guess I'm with Sandy. My son gave me a Walkman and loaded it for me, but I can't write and listen. One or the other, although I love my music

Marianne Stephens said...

I know lots of people love to listen to music while writing, but I need total silence. Maybe old age has done it to me...I always loved listening to music all the time before!
Love listening to music on long car rides...and I'll sing along to the "oldies"!

Katalina Leon said...

I love listening to movie soundtracks and instrumental music while I write but I have to skip music with lyrics or else the writing turns into weird dictation.

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