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Friday, March 4, 2011


Wow! I really blew it this morning and totally forgot about my blog day.

Let's see. With conferences coming up, my thoughts have been on promotional materials. What do the readers like? What kinds of things do they enjoy getting from authors and publishing houses? Last year, I gave away small travel mirrors with my buy line and website address. They weren't too expensive and easily made the travel treks to the different conference. I am attending a few conferences this year although not the big one in Los Angeles. It's just too far for me to travel. I will be at Lori Foster's Get Together and at least one other down in Birmingham Alabama in November. I know Secret Cravings Publishing is attending Lori Foster's and giving away a Nook in their basket. Cool, huh?

I've seen water bottles, tons of bookmarks, magnets, letter openers, document holders, etc. I know everyone wants to do something different—something to catch the reader's eye and get them to go to the website listed.

So, I'd like some feedback from everyone on what things they like to receive as a freebie from an author or publishing house. This can either be "swag" at the conferences or even things for giveaways online. Most of us give free books because it's easy and not a hassle if you are doing the pdf thing, but I'm trying to think of difference things.
What'll it be folks?

~ Until next month



Tina Donahue said...

I like books. :)

Jennifer Labelle said...

Great post as always Sandy! I like the traditional book giveaways. Although, I'm old school and would rather recieve a paperback than a pdf. The whole bookmark or magnet giveaways are great too! How about book stoppers? or stationary, like pens, planners or a calander featuring some or all of SCP best covers?
I'm still new at this kind of thing. I hope I've helped.
Keep those sexy cowboys coming!

smiles said...

Books are always nice, but I also like mini flashlights, or travel size items. I know when I attend conferences I always like the unique/different promo items companies have on display, catches your eye and you look at them more often.

Molly Daniels said...

I love pens, stationary (I love paper, lol!), and magnets. My fave so far is a magnetic clip I got from a real estate agency (took their card out and put mine in, lol!) I found out who they ordered from, but it's waaaayyy to pricey! And yes, still love the bookmarks, cover flats, and free books!

CJ said...

The one thing I still have (received it 5 yrs ago) was a bookmark. Simple braided cord and a cowboy boot is attached at the bottom. The boot is about 1.5" tall and flat, a one dimension boot. It fit all my books and used it all the time. Naturally all the goodies mentioned in the other comments are always very nice to get too.

Sandy Sullivan said...

Very nice, ladies. Thanks for the input.

Finding something different to giveaway at the conferences, is always a challenge.

~ Sandy

jean hart stewart said...

Wow, lots of ideas. Where do you get the mirror thingys? I usually give books since its the easiest and I'm lazy. Jean

Sandy Sullivan said...

I bought my travel mirrors from Motivators. com. They were very reasonably priced too. They have lots of other things you an get as well, of course.

~ Sandy

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