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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Is It About A Bad Boy?

I have a good idea but then I'm old enough to have known a few bad boys. I think we're drawn to the bad boy because we know that deep down there must be some reason for him to have such a "don't touch me" attitude. Which makes us crazy because most people are not happy until they know what makes someone interesting tick.

So what makes this guy interesting? Attraction usually starts with something physical and I don't know about anyone else but all of the bad boys I've ever known have had such beautiful eyes they could have given any Maybelline model a run for their money. We're talking deep, dark, gorgeous and soulful. I have to admit, they make me crazy.

Cher had the same problem it in the movie, "Moonstruck". "You got them bad gypsy eyes..." she tells Nicolas Cage, and boy did he ever. But did you happen to notice that they were always a little more wistful when he looked at Cher? If a bad boy makes you the focus of their attention you have two choices, you can run like hell or smile and take a chance that you might find out more about not only the bad boy but yourself.

I adore the first love scene in the movie where you know Cage is afraid that Cher is the first woman in a long time that's he's been attracted to and she's marrying the brother he blames for the accident that mangled his hand. This is some opera-worthy angst. Cher is afraid that's she's trading the passion she hasn't known for a long time for a sense of security that marrying his brother, the adorably clueless Danny Aiello will bring and gives herself an out by telling Cage to take his revenge out on her. They're both suffering but it seemed to me as if they were really enjoying it:)

What is it about bad boys that makes us want to give into wildly inappropriate behavior? Is it that we just can't resist a soulful stare? Or is it that we can't resist the mystery of finding out whatever it is that makes them tick, whatever is haunting them that only we may be able to uncover--and fix? What do you think? Is it about them or is it about us?

Something to think about the next time someone with those bad gypsy eyes glances your way. Until next month...

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Tina Donahue said...

I think the lure is that we, alone, can turn that bad boy into a quivery mound of soulful looks and sighs - at least for a little while. :)

Great post, Paris!!

Paris said...

Tina, I think you're right. The lure of being able to fix or help is so ingrained in most of us that we can't help wondering if we're the one who can do just that. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

It's the inborn need to be the one to heal that bad boy's broken soul and make him whole again.

Paris said...

Nicely said, Kay! Where would books and movies be without this need?

Katalina Leon said...

What a great post Paris! Bad boy gypsy eyes... now I'm I'm going to be looking everywhere for them! lol

Paris said...

Kat, those bad gypsy eyes will entice me to do most anything, including buy a book or see a movie, LOL! Yeah, I'm on the look-out too:)

Delaney Diamond said...

It's because we love the challenge and want to be the special one--the one to tame him. And bad boys are always so confident. Confidence is sexy.

Paris said...

You're so right, confidence is very sexy. I think it may be as big a draw for me as the "bad gypsy eyes", lol!

Kate Hill said...

I truly love bad boys, villains and antiheroes. For me the attraction is their determination to do whatever they feel is necessary, even if it goes against what everyone else believes they should do or wants them to do. Going with their gut is more important to them than fitting in and I admire that.

Paris said...

How true, Kate. Someone who is unafraid of going against the acceptable position definitely fits into the bad boy category, very nicely! Well said.

She said...

I think we fall for the bad boy because we believe he's been misunderstood and we can understand him. We believe we can fix what is wrong in his life so he will follow the straight and narrow path and we'll live happily ever after.

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