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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Story Ideas

The one question I am always asked is if I use my personal experiences to write my books. The answer is sort-of. Let me explain.

A few days before Christmas, we found a hot water foundation leak in our home. I called several plumbers to make the repairs. Unfortunately, the holidays were upon us and I couldn't find anyone, except this one company to come out on such short notice. Needless to say, we all know how that can work out, but I had high hopes that all would turn out well. The plumber did come out and eventually, did make the necessary repairs while I sat back helplessly watching the reign of devastation that plagued my humble abode. Woohoo, right? Wrong. He took us to the cleaners!

So this is how it ties my next installment of the Hightower Series, Tamara, the Matriach of the clan, gets an unexpected visit from a nasty little demon nicknamed... yes, you guessed it, the Plumber.

And much in the same way that our real plumber cut holes in our walls, jack hammered our floors and basically, tore our precious home apart before it could be put back together, Tamara's Demon Plumber will do the same with her soul while Izzy sits helplessly on the sidelines.

Now, I don't profess to know how other authors come up with ideas for their stories. It may be similiar or not, but I do know one thing. Authors have the innate ability to write about anything in their stories. So, keep in mind that its not a good idea to piss an author off, you just might end up as an undying brain eating zombie that gets killed multiple times before finding true death.

Speaking next book, Carly Bright - Sex Games has a March 2011 release date.

See you next month...

Annie :0)


Tina Donahue said...

How interesting - love the way your mind (and plots) work. :)

Annie Alvarez said...

Thanks Tina, it's scary how my mind works, sometimes. :0)

Katalina Leon said...

Annie, I love that you've turned someone who is usually a hero/heroine saving the day (Thank god the plumbers here!) into a shadow of evil!
I'm assuming your last plumbing bill was the writ of the Hopefully the worse is behind you and you can just enjoy the inspiration.

jean hart stewart said...

amuUgh. hate it when someone takes advantage of you like that. So glad you could use the experience in a constructive way. Definitely one of the joys of writing.

Annie Alvarez said...

Hi Kat, actually, yes. The bill was the writ of the devil, himself. I never want to go through that again! It's a good thing we don'thave children, if we did, I'm sure that the plumber would have claimed our first born as payment, also. LOL

Annie :0)

Annie Alvarez said...

Jean, I know what you mean about the joys of writing. I have written many unsuspecting idiots into my books without them ever knowing about it. I call it my creative, stress-releasing exercises. LOL

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