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Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland: Is It Your Cup of Tea?

Snow. Yes, here in the midwest region we just got blanketed with another five to eight inches, with temperatures dipping down in the single digits. And while it looks absolutely beautiful here, I still can't help but wish for warmer weather.

As a child, I remember thinking snow was a godsend. For one, nothing guaranteed a day home from school like a few inches of snow. And furthermore, snow was the perfect excuse to talk your mother into letting you stay out for hours with your neighborhood friends in subzero temperatures--which any other day you'd be lucky to step foot out the door.

Sled riding and football were the activities of choice in my neck of the woods. Being in Kentucky, we had plenty of rolling hills to our advantage. But living in the rural areas, we also had an abundance of trees and barbed-wire fences. And let me tell you, there is nothing advantageous about a maze of trees, lined with a barricade of barbed-wire, when you're cruising down a hill on a cheap contraption made of slick plastic and a single strand of rope.

Heck, we were plain crazy. Even though everyone knew the sleds, especially those suicidal circle-shaped ones, couldn't be steered, we still looked down those steep hills at the death-trap below and dared someone to hold us back.

But now, I'm an adult. And I look at the snow as nothing but a nuisance. Sure, I still find it absolutely beautiful in the morning when the sun is glistening off the frozen lake, the expanse of my front yard is absent footprints, and the evergreens tucked behind my house have a heavy dusting on their limbs. I'd even go so far as to say it's breathtaking to see my horses out in the snow, steam coming off their big dark bodies as they stand on the ridge, catching the afternoon sun on their backs. But as far as I'm concerned, I don't want to see my breath when I walk outside. I'd rather see green grass, black-mulched flower gardens, and an outdoor Adirondack chair, without a few inches of snow on its seat, begging me to sit down and read a book. I want mild temperatures, cold iced tea, and a hot steamy romance.

This morning, after looking out my window and sadly glancing at my January calendar, I know it's going to be a long wait before I get that picture perfect setting again. So, what do you think? Do you like the snow? Do you wish it would go away? Do you wish you had more of it? And if you're in the sharing mood, what kinds of things did you do as a kid in the snow?

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Sandy Sullivan said...

My snow needs to go away. I don't mind looking at it some times, but I sure hate getting out in it these days. It must be that getting old thing.

~ Sandy

Tina Donahue said...

I like snow on Thanksgiving and Christmas. On December 26, I'm ready for Spring. :)

Keri Ford said...

love snow! I sadly, rarely get it. *pouts*

but yes, we have those deathtraps too. I used to go down the back of the pond leeve. there wasn't much stopping room before smacking the tree line. I recall jumping from sled a many a time.

My husband now---now there's stupid. as teenagers, they'd take trash can lids, tie them off to back of their buddie's 4-wheeler and get pulled along as fast as the 4-wheeler would go. If there was ice on the ground (something we usually get instead of snow) then that's all the better.

Virginia C said...

Hi, Renee! Think tropical thoughts...think of GB...think tropical thoughts of GB ; )During the past several decades, our weather has greatly changed here in the mountains of VA. When I was a kid, we had lasting snows beginning in November, and we had many snow days off from school. Now our weather here tends to develop more snow after Christmas and on into January and February. Boy, was it fun to stay home from school on a snow day! We'd build snowmen, ride sleds, have snowball fights, and then head inside to be fortified by my Gran's hot chocolate and peanut butter cookies. She also made wonderful "snow ice cream". Later on in my life, I worked as a housekeeper and child care provider for a family with five children. They lived in a big farm house on top of a hill. I carried on my Gran's tradition of hot cocoa and peanut butter cookies for "my kids", and they loved it : )

Marie Rose Dufour said...

We are on our third snow day in the Northeast today. I want it to all go away. It is getting old in a big way!

Teresa K. said...

I love snow. I guess because living in North Carolina we don't get that much of it. This has a been an unusual winter so far. We've actually have had two major snowstorms so far. And I think theres more on the way.

I grew up in CT, and later moved to IN and lived on Lake Michigan and believe me during the winter months there I couldn't wait to see the snow go.

However I too, like you loved to sled, tube and try my attempt at skiing. I love to ice skate. So I can deal with the frigid weather as long as I can skate.

Thanks for letting me comment. I have horses too and I always love to watch my horses play and frolick in the snow. It reminds me of a Budweiser Commercial of the Clysdales.


Paris said...

I'm so ready for Spring! There's enough snow to make it dangerous to go out and cold enough that I'm not planning on any trips. On the other hand, I have absolutely no excuse not to be writing!!!!

Tonya Kappes said...

I love one good snow, and that's about it! I have four boys who hole up in the house on snow days playing video games. It drives me crazy.
When I was a kid, we'd sled, make snow sicles, and be out all day....At least I'm getting some writing done and my fire is cozy:) Great post!

Suzanne Barrett said...


Being California born, I rarely saw snow...until we moved to central Wisconsin, and then Missouri, and still later, Chicago. Now I'm back in California in the Coastal mountains where we get a dusting once or twice a year. But yesterday it was a balmy 71 degrees and I was mulching around my hellebores and primulas and later, sitting in my snow-free Adirondack chair sipping tea.

I love to look out on the snow, love the quiet that surrounds you after a snowfall, but I'll take temperate, green and sunny any day.

Renee Vincent said...

Sandy: I think you are right. I think the older we get, the less we like the cold and the snow. Hence, the reason so many retire and move to Florida. haha

Tina: I'm with you. I love snow on Christmas, but that is IT!!!

Keri: When I started dating my husband back in the day, he introduced me to the 4-wheeler in the snow thing. And boy was that fun! Crazy, but fun!

Virginia: Oh, I love that image you painted with the hot cocoa and the cookies....I wish I had some right now. And I had to smile with the tropical image and GB. Now THAT is what I call paradise!

Marie: We are on our second snow day and it sure makes it hard to write romance when the kids are home! Thanks for commenting!

Teresa: We have eight horses and it is so awesome to see them thundering across the hill in the snow! Like you said, it reminds me of the Budweiser beautiful!

Paris: I'm trying my best to write today...not going so well. haha Thanks for visiting with me.

Tonya: I know what you mean! When I was a kid, you wouldn't find me inside on a day like this. My mother would have to drag us in by our ears! Thanks for visiting with me sweetie and sharing! Though I wish I had a fire going like you....

Suzanne: Thanks a lot for sharing your balmy 70 degree weather with me...and the fact that you were mulching! Wish I was there with you......

JM said...

I love the snow. We got about 4 inches last night, and it's beautiful to look at. I just don't like all the muddy crap that comes when the snow disappears.
Nice post.

jeff7salter said...

As a kid I loved snow, mostly because I lived in S.E. Louisiana and we didn't get very much (hardly any).
But after a year in Iowa during H.S., I figured I'd had enough.
Then a year stationed at a remote military base inside the ArcticCircle (N.W. Greenland) really cinched it for me: enough!
In our 4.5 yrs. here in KY, I'm already pretty much tired of it. Like Tonya K, I'd appreciate one or two snowfalls per winter, because it's beautiful to look at. But it makes it dangerous and difficult for us to reach the paved street from the steep inclines of Cemetery Hill where we live.

Terra said...

Snow what is that? Sorry can't help it. So glad we don't get snow this far south.

Terra stay warm

Stacy McKitrick said...

I am not a snow lover. I grew up in Southern California thinking snow would be neat, but when I finally lived in areas that had it, I discovered snow was... COLD! And a lot of work.

But I do have to admit, it is pretty to see when it first falls. And walking outside while it's falling is surreal - it's so quiet out because who else would be out there walking in it, besides us mothers helping our daughters sell Girl Scout Cookies!

Bobbye Terry said...

I grew up in Virginia and North Carolina. When in Virginia, especially, I had snow in Southwest Virginia where I went to high school. never really liked it and really don't now. That was one of the pleasures of moving to Texas. Last year, though, the La Nina gods didn't want us to be without. We had a lot of ice and snow for here. This year I am crossing fingers and toes. So far, so good.


The Viking Princess said...

Teresa K I love your avatar. Who is he?
I like snow that melts by noon.

C. Zampa said...

In south Texas, we rarely get snow. And Is uppose it's just as well. I love, love, love looking at it. It makes the indoors seem so cozy, like in a hot cocoa commercial. But then, in reality, we have to drive in Houston in it, and it's not pretty at all then.

It's SO beautiful, though.

Keri Ford said...

Renee--first thing DH said when we had ice a week ago was "wish my 4wheeler was fixed" LOL

Renee Vincent said...

JM: I so agree….the prettiest snow I’ve ever seen was in Colorado. No muddy, slushy crap because they don’t have the humidity we have. Loved the idea of being outside in the snow in just a t-shirt.
Jeff: Know exactly what you mean! I’m done with this snow!
Terra: haha you are too funny! Thanks for rubbing it in, sweetie!
Stacy: Oh that reminds me! I need to put my Girl Scout order in! Thanks for visiting with me and sharing your comments.
Bobbye: I heard Texas is a mighty fine place to visit. Hoping to venture on out there some day….
Viking Princess: Girl, you and I think way too much alike…I took one look at Teresa’s avatar and said the same thing! Who is THAT?! Hubba-hubba!
C Zampa: Hello to another Texan! I think guys have a monopoly here! Haha Thanks for sharing!
Keri: ha! Lucky for us, my husband sold his 4-wheeler and bought a Gator. They aren’t fast enough and no good for pulling sleds haha!

Nancy said...

Snow...New Hampshire gets tons as well.When our son Eric left for the army in 2003, and there was no one home to shovel but us old folks, it was no longer "a winter wonderland'. Ergo...we now live in sunny North Carolina. Thanks for the memories!

Alexa said...

I grew up in RI and, like you, loved the snow as a child. After college, I got smart and moved to warmer climates! I confess I miss snow once in a while, but...not really.

Renee Vincent said...

Thank you so much for visiting with me, Alexa and Nancy! So glad at least a few of us are smart enough to live where its warm! haha

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