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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Secret too exciting to keep to myself

I’ve been getting into erotic romance more these days. But seriously, who wouldn’t?!?! They're just so good.

And so I’ve been trying my hand at writing a little bit steamer. Usually, I stick with straight contemporary romance and young adult romance. But after I finished a few experimental manuscripts, I sent one off to submission land...and sold my first EROTIC ROMANCE!!!

Cobblestone Press, LLC has contracted me for my erotic paranormal shapeshifter romance novella, Caught in Heat. It’s totally different from anything I’ve ever written before, but I has such a blast creating it.

I’m so very excited, I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer.

Since I have a young adult story published under the name Linda Kage, I chose the alias Miranda Stowe for this new venture (don’t ask why I chose that name because, honestly, I have no idea. I just liked it). Feel free to visit the other me at:

Thank you so much for letting me spill my secret to you. Whew. I’d been anxious to tell someone, and I figured if anyone could understand my exhilaration, it’d be you all!

And without further ado, here’s a quick little unedited peek at Caught in Heat:

The man’s musky aroma rode the breeze and wafted to her. It was like music to Riley’s nose, a symphony of decadent pleasures stealing into her nostrils. She tried to hold her breath against it, but the scent had already invaded her, plummeting down her spine and igniting out of her nipples and cunt. His rich, heady fragrance made her moan in sweet agony and arch her back, needing more.

Suddenly, the trap’s grip on her ankle wasn’t the most pressing sensation to consume her. She closed her eyes and moaned.

Oh, please God, not now. Not with a human. The bobcat would’ve been bad enough.

“Hey, what’re you doing? What’s wrong with you?” her captor growled. She knew he wanted to sound rough and abrasive, but an edge of worry laced his tone.

She turned her head his way. Attractive for a human, the man was tall, wide-shouldered, and rough around the edges with dark, shaggy hair, chiseled facial features, and a white scar bisecting the left side of her cheek. His combat boots, jeans and tight black shirt draped him to perfection. The scar couldn’t even detract from his looks; it only made him appear more lethal, powerful. Dominant.

Her hormones purred, aroused. Dominant. Oh yeah, she could handle being dominated right about now.


Katalina Leon said...

Hello Linda/Miranda! I wish you both the best on this steamy new venture, congratulations!

Linda Kage said...

Thank you. Don't know where it will take me, but I think I'll have fun getting there!!

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Congrats! I bet it felt good to write out of your normal comfort zone.

Sondrae Bennett said...

Congratulations!! The books sounds steamy. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

Paris said...

Congratulations Linda/Miranda! Love the pen name and the excerpt was hot:-) Best of luck!

Angela Kay Austin said...

Congratulations on the new release!

Claire Ashgrove said...

Congrats congrats!! That's just awesome.

Marianne Stephens said...

Congrats on your new book...sounds steamy and enticing!

Linda Kage said...

Thank you so much, Marie Rose, Sondrae, Paris, Angela, Claire and Marianne. I'm definitely excited and am looking forward to sharing more about my story too!

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