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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I have another book in PRINT! YAY!

Dictated by Fate
Is now out in print from Resplendence Publishing!

I love the e-publishing thingy, but once in a while it's just great to hold one of your glossy books in your own hands and say "This was worth it all!" 

Now that I have several print books out, and more on the way, I plan to do a few giveaways, and you can find out where and when by going to my website and clicking on "NEWS" in the links.  I will be doing a big chat once every month through the next year...the link to the chats will be published online in my newsletters.  So bookmark my news page and check it out every month to find out where and when you can win print books (autographed of course!).


Fran Lee


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats Fran!

Lily Harlem said...

Oh, I love the cover of this one :-)

Big congratulations!

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Congrats Fran!

Paris said...

Congrats on the new print book, Fran! Great cover and a wonderful book. So happy for you:-)

Katalina Leon said...

Congratulations Fran, what a great way to start 2011!

Molly Daniels said...

Congrats Fran! I enjoyed this one:)

Fran Lee said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies! My NEWS page on my website will be updated to give the first chat info for a chance to win a free copy by January 18th. Hugs!

Tina Donahue said...

WTG, Fran! Congrats!

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