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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Word Of Thanks...

Greetings romance fans. I truly hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. I, for one, am enjoying the hoopla of my new release from Turquoise Morning Press entitled Mac Liam and the positive responses I've been getting from readers and reviewers alike.

But I am not here to promote my works of romantic fiction. I am here today to give thanks to all my loyal fans who've made this journey so amazing. Without my fans, friends, and family, I would not have this great career. Sure, as an author, I will always write. But, without someone to read my books, my stories are only just stories.

Whether you realize it or not, readers of romance give life to an author's words and I want to thank you all for allowing my thoughts and my characters to live. Even if my characters are from the past, a period of time that no longer exists, you have given them a purpose. A reason to be who they are, whether it's the tortured hero who finds love for the first time in his pitiful life, or the ambitious heroine who gains more than she bargained for in the love of an unlikely hero. You, as the reader, bring what no other person can give to an author, both aspiring and successful. And that is the motivation to write more.

As authors, our sole ambition is to entertain - or more importantly - touch our readers with love stories they will never forget. And I've had the pleasure and privilege of doing just that.

How do I know? Because they contact me and tell me. Because they take the initiative to let me know how much they've enjoyed my books. Because they've taken the time to send me gifts or cards or letters expressing their appreciation for my hard work. And that cannot be matched.

So, thank you. To everyone who has taken the chance on my work. To everyone who has read my books - every word - and accompanied me on a beautiful journey to a different place and time. Your friendship, your loyalty, and your praise will never be forgotten.

I am very blessed to have romance fans like you. You know who you are...

With kindest regards,
Renee Vincent


Virginia C said...

Thank you for writing with great heart and love of subject--both of which add so much depth and emotional resonance to your romantic fiction works. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and much continued success in the new year : )

Marie Rose Dufour said...

That was a very nice blog. Thank you for being as talented as your are!

Tina Donahue said...

We're glad you're writing, Renee - your stories are fantastic!! Keep at it. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. :)

Sandy Sullivan said...

YAY! Renee, you are such a doll and so supportive of other writers, it's a pleasure knowing you.

Thanks so much for bringing your great stories to readers and writers alike.

~ Sandy

Kristal McKerrington said...

I will always read your word, because you do have a talent and you believe. If a writer has those two things. I will read their work till I can't read anymore.

Avril Ashton said...

Your work is amazing, we can't help but love it. Good job and continued success.

Happy Holidays!!

Rawiya said...

Lovely piece you wrote there!

Much success to you, I am sure it is well deserved!

Renee Vincent said...

I cannot thank you all enough. You have no idea how much your comments touch me.

I didn't write this post so I could get more praise....I did it to give you all thanks and a piece of my appreciation though it can never match what you've give me.

I'm in tears writing this....cause I know I am so fortunate to have friends and readers like you.

A million thanks to each and every one of you!

Kathy Otten said...

Wow, that was wonderful. Thank you for saying it and for reminding the rest of us writers not to forget we are nothing without our fans. You humble me. Best wishes in your writing and for the holiday season.

Maddie James said...

Renee, I'm honored to consider you a good friend. Thanks to you for providing us with wonderful books to read! Raeliksen and Mac Liam are awesome. I'm now ready for book three! I am sure your readers will not be disappointed.

Thanks for thinking about all of us, who enjoy your work. We thank YOU!

Katalina Leon said...

Beautiful post Renee, your commitment to the craft of storytelling and sharing a lovely human experience always shines through.

Grace Elliot said...

Lovely posting, writer/ reader - a two way process.
Grace x

Delaney Diamond said...

That's such a lovely post, Renee. I'm sure all your loyal fans appreciate you. Thanks for reminding us to be humble and thankful we have such a great opportunity to share our talent with others.

I wish you continued success in the new year and many more years to come!

Christine H said...

That was Beautiful!! While I'm probably not one of the fans your talking about yet since I'm new to reading a little more than a year ago I started. But I have your books on the way and I'm sure I'll become a huge fan!!
I wish every Author was as good to the readers who's buying there books as you are.
Unfortunately I've written a couple author who shall remain nameless, but I loved their books and I even tried a second time to reach them through email and never got a response. But there are Authors on the other side of that too. I've made some really great friends too. Even had a gift exchange this year. So that was so nice!!

So glad to see how happy you are!!! Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Years!!!!!!

~ Hugs, Christine

jean hart stewart said...

thanks for putting into beautiful words what as an authors I so sincerely feel. Without readers we are nothing but writers in the wind. Jean

Sarah J. McNeal said...

As always, you have set an example for the rest of us, Renee--to thank the people who helped us get where we are and who read our our work.

The Viking Princess said...

Thanks Renee...we love you. Have a very merry Christmas.

Renee Vincent said...

Ok, can I just say that I am in shock. I never expected this outpouring of responses, especially to this degree. I am speechless and totally humbled by your comments.

I truly hope you all know how much I appreciate you. I wish I could find the words to express my gratitude, but nothing will do justice.

All I can say is....I will never stop writing and it's all because you fuel me.

Cindy said...

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!! I love how much you appreciate your fans and don't take them for granted! It means so much to be able to talk to you about your writing and know that you aren't too busy to respond! You definitely deserve all of the praise!

Moonsanity said...

Merry Christmas to you too Renee. I know you are going to have a wonderful, successful year in 2011:)

Renee Vincent said...

Thank you Cindy and Moonsanity. You ladies sure know how to make a girl feel good.

Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Adelle Laudan said...

It is very refreshing to see an author acknowledge the kindness and support of her readers. I applaud you, Renee, and am very pleased to 'meet' you.
Happy Holidays!
Adelle 'Legs' Laudan

Marianne Stephens said...

Wonderful, "from the heart" post!

Kelly said...

Thanks for a heartening story during a difficult time of year.

Chicks of Characterization said...

And a big THANK YOU to you Renee, for having such a creative mind, and for touching our hearts through your words!!!

Best of luck!

Happy Holidays!

Andrea :O)

Renee Vincent said...

Adelle: It is such a pleasure to 'meet' you too, dear. Thank you for stopping by and supporting me.

Marianne: Thanks for being here for me and for allowing me to post on RBRU blog. I love it here!

Kelly: You are very sweet for being with me. I am grateful you visited and took the time to comment. Merry Christmas to you.

Andrea: Wow, you are here too?! My goodness, I can't believe it! Thanks so much reading my post and commenting on it. I am so thrilled you came!

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