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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tell me your secrets!

Are you superstitious? I hope you are. Did you know your superstitions can actually help you?

Not sure if mine help me or not. I wrote sometime ago about my grandmother and her crazy superstitions. I’ve told some to my friends and nobody’s heard of many of them. The strangest one seems to be that when somebody left her house and then came back in. They had to walk around a chair three times and sit in it briefly before leaving again. She was a formidable lady and I don’t think anybody rebelled. Certainly not me. Didn’t even seem weird at the time.

Now I’ve been reading a little about the universality of superstitions. Many studies show superstitious people are more optimistic and confident. Yay for us!!!! It shouldn’t really help putt a golf ball more accurately, but many golfers did better if told it was a lucky ball.

The world’s no.1 tennis player, Rafael Nadal, reportedly takes two sips of water, one from a chilled and one from a non-chilled bottle. Then he lines them up with the labels facing the side he’ll be serving from. How’s that for a ritual? Wearing the came color or the same clothes for an important match is pretty common with athletes. If the match goes on too long I can see a perfume problem there.

Don’t know quite what this had to do with writing. I do know I have to have privacy and quiet to write well. My thoughts flow much better on my laptop than my desktop. Not exactly a quirk, or is it?

Would love to know if any of you can ’fess up to some little thing that makes you feel good? A special way to go to sleep? Something you have to get to put you in a certain mood?

Any rituals here I can get you to confess? I do hope so, I find the subject fascinating.

Come on…..Fess up! Please????


Tina Donahue said...

Fascinating post - yep, I have my rituals, but I'm not telling. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Ah, Tina, now I'm curious. See I screwed up somehow and this darn thing reposted. If Marianne or somebody can take one down I'd appreciate it, although I have comments on both....ARRRGGGHHH!

Katalina Leon said...

I definitely have some superstitious quirks. One I will confess to is the vase of fresh flowers on my writing desk. If the flowers are fresh and their colors are in key with what I'm working on I believe the writing comes easily.
If the flowers wilt quickly or smell strange and my writing is tough going that day-I blame the flowers not me! lol

jean hart stewart said...

Kat, thanks for sharing. I find compulsions absolutely fascinating. Here's wishing you many bouquets....Jean

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