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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maine Coon Matriarch

Say hello to Shadow. Well, we actually call her Mama and she seems to like the title. She is our Maine Coon and Matriarch of the house. Mama keeps everyone is line, including us.

We found her about 13 years at a horse show, yes, really. A horse show. Go figure, huh? Stranger things have happened to us, believe me.

Taking her home was an adjustment. She's an extremely intelligent cat. She quickly learned how to hit the snooze button on our alarms, it seems that we were disturbing her beauty rest every morning.

She learned that pulling on the level doorhandles would open any door, hence, us scrabbling to change the handles back to the bland round handles, instead of the modern ones we once had.

She's a little older now, but still likes to torture us. She loves to knock over any glass filled with any liquid. If it's empty, she doesn't give it the time of day. She steals my pillow and the blankets in the middle of the night, literally.

And she's learned to stay away from us when we begin any remodeling projects. You see, when she was younger, we retiled the bathroom floor in our apartment. I thought it was the cutest thing that she sat with us the entire time, supervising, because that's what she's best at, supervising. After a little while, I guess she got bored and started heading out of the cramped little space. When she stood, so did a tile she had been sitting on. Apparently, she had made herself quite comfortable sitting on a self stick tile. She screamed, jumped, climbed the wall and took off with the tile in tow. When we finally caught her, we had to cut the tile free from her behind. And oh, what a terrible trim job we gave her. I don't think she's forgiven us for that.

But, she's a sweet heart. If your not feeling well, she knows and sticks to us like glue. God help either one of us if we moan or whine, because she's in our faces, touching us to make sure we're okay. Yes, we have had to lock her out of the bedroom during our private moments. She hasn't learned the difference in moans, yet. LOL

Truth is that lately, I haven't been feeling up to par. I have been somewhat disillusioned about my writing abilities as I'm sure many of you have experienced at one point or another and Mama knows it. She has been a constant source of affection, remember that tile she sat on? Well, she's stuck herself to me in the same way.

We have our dogs and we absolutely love them, but there's just something magical about a cat.

Until next month!

Annie :0)



Katalina Leon said...

I had a beautiful black Persian cat growing up who just the opposite of Mama. He was such a pretty boy but so dumb... poor guy. lol

jean hart stewart said...

Absolutley love your blog..partly because I adore cats. Hate that I've turned up with an allergy to them, but am thinking about getting another one anyway. Had one who killed a small rattlesnake and ate the head. Made him deathly sick but the vet says some cats will do anything to protect their owner, and Candy loved my young daughter.

Annie Alvarez said...

I love my babies! And they will do almost anything to protect the ones they. For me, cats are so much more personable than dogs. I have both, so comparisons are pretty easy to make. :0)

I really don't know what I'd do if I became allergic to cats. So sorry to hear that. That's terrible!

Sandy said...

Annie, you're so right there is something magical about a cat and all black ones are extremely intelligent.

Kat, it must've been because he was Persian because our male black cat was extremely intelligent.

Jean, heaven forbid if one of us became allergic to our cats. Both hubby and I love ours.

Lovely blog.

Isabel Mere said...

I've had two Maine Coons over the last twenty years, both from animal shelters and both very skittish for quite some time after bringing them home. But they became lovable companions. Wonderful animals.

I understand and emphathize with doubts about writing. When they happen to me I just tell myself as long as I'm writing what I believe in and love and am giving my best efforts, I will be rewarded. Maybe not TODAY, but it will happen!


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