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Monday, November 22, 2010

I’m a fan of Amber Skyze for several reasons, her stories are always fun to read and she’s such a nice person. Another reason is I always learn about a new naughty trick or toy that leaves me with something steamy to think about.
Last Sunday I had the pleasure of relaxing with some great music, a chocolate latte and Amber’s latest book “Gettin' Lucky”.
I read Gettin' Lucky in a single sitting because I got pulled in deep from the first few pages and couldn’t stop reading. A lost morning was worth it. I absolutely enjoyed being drawn in by this book.
“Gettin' Lucky” is part of Ellora’s Cave “Cougar Challenge” series. There are a lot of wonderful books in this series by many talented authors including Romance Books R Us sorority sister Fran Lee’s “Nothing but Sex”, which is an excellent read.
I want to be one of the first to say “Gettin' Lucky” is a great addition to the Cougar Challenge mix.
This contemporary story covers all the bases. The heroine gets a full-throttle adventure and the ultimate fantasy fulfillment, risks are taken, the romance is sweet, the sex is hot and there’s a surprise here I don’t believe I’ve ever read in women’s erotic fiction—and I will say I was surprised.
I’ll tell you a little about Lucky in a moment.
I loved the heroine, Marcy Brown. Marcy is a forty-one year-old business owner of a neighborhood grocery store but she’s also a wounded heart on the mend following a crushing divorce from her ex who left her for a much younger woman and nearly bankrupted the store as well. Marcy is not too keen to get involved again or go on dates but her body and heart can’t ignore Lucky, the handsome young masseuse who helps her work the kinks out every Friday at her weekly massage therapy appointment. Lucky cares about Marcy and thoughtfully remembers the details of their weekly conversations. Naturally, Marcy feels a deep attraction to Lucky and begins to fantasize about him.
I found Marcy easy to like and relate to. This book gets off to a quick and slightly embarrassing start. Poor Marcy’s woozy mother babbles about her attraction to a young doctor in the recovery room following hand surgery. Nurse “Elizabeth” overhears the conversation and discreetly hands Marcy a business card with the Cougar Challenge blog information printed on it.
Marcy visits the blog and is both curious and mortified to admit she too like her horrible ex, finds the idea of a younger partner very attractive. She contacts the Cougars by email and accepts the challenge to take a younger lover. She vows to approach her fantasy man Lucky, and enjoy a no-strings attached encounter.
Lucky is a blue-eyed dreamboat with gifted hands. He’s thirteen years younger than Marcy but very sensitive and attentive. “Lucky” for Marcy Lucky has been fantasizing about getting his hands on her outside of a therapeutic session.
After realizing they are openly flirting Lucky asks Marcy to sign off as a client and invites her upstairs to his apartment for a different kind of hands on therapeutic session that leaves them both seeing stars.
Marcy loves her evening with Lucky but Lucky wants more. He invites her out on a dinner date and that’s great too. Lucky begins to protectively worry about Marcy’s work situation. Marcy begins to want Lucky for her own. They realize the attraction is deeper than physical and that they might be able to share a lot more.
So much for no-strings attached… Now what?
Well there’s some trouble… These two sympathetic souls have some issues to solve and an attraction that won’t allow them to walk away. Fortunately, Lucky is a very selfless person with one hell of a surprise up his sleeve.
I truly enjoyed the adventure and sexual surprises in “Gettin' Lucky”. This is pure wish fulfillment and fantasy in the flesh. The story moves fast but there is a lot of lovely detail that made me feel as if I was along for the date or in Marcy’s apartment.
I’ll go out on a limb and say “Gettin' Lucky” is my favorite book by Amber Skyze to date. If you haven’t yet read an Amber Skyze book “Gettin' Lucky” is a great place to start.  I highly recommend it. (And I predict a sequel! lol)
(Amber Skyze “Gettin' Lucky”, Ellora’s Cave Sophisticate Line available now!)
On a different note, my book trailer for “Beautiful Stranger” is up at “You Gotta Read Videos”. There are lots of great videos in November’s contest, so if you can please drop by and vote for entry #2. A vote and a view would be much appreciated. Thank you.
I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!


Amber Skyze said...

WOW..I'm always blown away by the nice things you have to say about my books and me. :o)

Thanks and I voted. Good luck.

Tina Donahue said...

Lucky sounds like my kinda guy. Great post, Kat - awesome book, Amber. :)

Katalina Leon said...

It was my pleasure Amber.
Thank you Tina, I see you have a new book on the horizon, and it sounds good "Sensual Stranger".
The Cougar Challenge series is a fun book series to read! There are a lot of great books to check into.

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