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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Good morning all,

I know I'm running a little late with my blog post this morning, but all I can say is I brain-farted it.

Anyway, I'm posting on freebies. You know this ones. I want to focus more on those that are given by authors since that's what we are.

As a reader, do you like to get free things from the authors you love or even new ones? The things I'm thinking of are bookmarks, bookthongs, water bottles, free books or whatever. How about free short reads?

The reason I ask is because this past Wednesday, I started a new ongoing series/serial type thing on my website for anyone who wants to read it. I plan to post something to the story every Wednesday and I would love comments or suggestions from the readers as well. Yes, the hits on my website did increase that day. Did I sell more books? I don't really know, but if it gives new readers a chance to see how I write, then great. I think the main thing is, it draws people to my website and hopefully they check out my books that are available. Maybe one of them will intrigue them and they will buy it.

Personally, I don't use a lot of the "swag" as it's called. I did attend the Romantic Times Convention and Lori Foster's Get Together this year and they were both really fun. I met some amazing people and got to chat with some new readers. I even sold a book or two, but I also came home with lots and lots of free stuff. Unless it was something I felt I would use, it got tossed. There were several key chains in there which for me is great. I collect them. You should see my keys. I have like 4 keys and 20 keychains. A lot of the books, I haven't read yet. I just don't have time, but so you know there was free books, bookmarks, jewelry, keychains, candy, water bottles, chapstick, and pens. I'm sure there were more things I didn't list, but that gives you an idea. Now granted, many readers love free things and the more the better. We are a "give me something free" society today and more power to them. When I give away something free to my readers, I try to make it something that will make a lasting impression on them so they remember me or my name. My giveaway at RT? Travel mirrors. As women, we always need a mirror. My giveaway at the Central Ohio Fiction Writers Convention I will be attending October 1 and 2? Aluminum water bottles. I think they are pretty cool looking and I sure hope I get some readers who want one. If you live around the area, come on by. It's in Worthington, OH. The book signing will be 10/2 from 430-6p.

Well that's my rant for the day. Let me know as a reader and I know most authors are readers too, what you think of freebies!

Until next month ~ Sandy


Amber Skyze said...

How cool, Sandy. I've made goody bags for Romanticon, but I'm looking for one more promo item..something different. It's not easy coming up with something NEW. :)

Sandy Sullivan said...

Thanks, Amber. As authors, we are always trying to come up with something no one else has.

Good luck at romanticon. I wish I could go.


Anonymous said...

I love freebies and collect anything I can get my hands on. As I live over the pond, that means I don't get so much. But my fridge is just about almost full of author's magnets. I do have quite a large collection of bookmarks and coverflats which I love to go through and look at and get ideas about my next purchase.

I also have keychains, combs, travel mirrors, totes and other kinds of stuff that I use. Oh, and PENS!!! Love collecting pens!!!

Some dear friends in the US have sent me stuff and I've sometimes sent postage and gotten freebies from some review site.

So, bring them on!!! Hehe!!!

in Germany

Sandy Sullivan said...

Thanks for your comment, Valerie. I can imagine it would be difficult to get things clear over there.


Anonymous said...

HI Sandy!

As a reader I LOVE Freebies! I think its fantastic to receive something from a favorite author.

As an author, Im always trying to think of something 'unique' to send out --and I never come up with anything! One of these days, Im going to do it!

Wonderfully fun post, Sandy!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, Kari sent me one of her wolves.....he's still on my shelf, looking down at me when I'm sitting at the desktop...hehe!!!


in Germany

Artemis said...

As a reader, I appreciate the thought and money that it takes for the freebies, and I treasure each and every one. Bookmarks are always welcome because I will never fold a page! Pens are always handy, bookflats remind me of my favorite author and book. Oh, I'll admit, I like free!

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Sandy - wish I could go to Romanticon too, but the EDJ needs me. *sigh*

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