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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Hold

I'm on hold.

Most of the time, that is a message that strikes fear into anyone who has ever called for service. But in this particular instance, for me, it's a good thing. Why? Because what's on hold are my next stories.

Okay, that doesn't sound like a good thing. Trust me, it is. I currently have two short stories and a novel in the editing process at my publisher, Captiva Press. Normally, this would be a time of frenzy as we attempt to get the editing done so we can get the stories out. That was before I found out I was going to be moving. And taking care of cleaning out my m-i-law's house (60 miles away) as well as my own. Two houses to clean and declutter and get ready for sale while painting, cleaning and doing all the prep work necessary to move into the new house. And don't forget my day job.

Yep. I'm over-extended. And because of that, the wonderful editors at Captiva Press allowed me some time off. They knew that my mind would be so filled with the tasks at hand and the stress of everything that's going on that I would be less than effective at doing the necessary edits to the stories. So they gave me a break. And I adore them for it. I can't wait for all the "stuff" to be done so I can get back to my writing.

So what's on hold? Here's a sneak preview:
Heartmate - prequel to "The Chosen", a short erotic story that is tied to the one I currently have for sale. It gives the background of the Stone of Destiny and how it all started.

Building to Love - sequel to "The Chosen". Yep, both a prequel and a sequel. This one involves the daughter of Stefan and Malena as she attempts to understand her powers and find love that will last forever. Also a short erotic.

The Crystal Keys: The Emerald Key - the first in a four-part series, urban fantasy novels, that concern the keepers of four keys to a realm of magic. They, with their Protectors, must keep the portal safe, and along the way, discover the magic of love.

Hopefully, I won't be on hold much longer. :)


Linda Kage said...

That was sure nice of your editors to put you on hold. Hope you get everything done! Good luck.

Paris said...

What great editors! Good luck with all of the sorting, packing, and moving.

jean hart stewart said...

Wow, girl, slow down and take a deep breath..Glad your editors are so understanding....Jean

Katalina Leon said...

I hope everything goes with ease and when the edits do come they are pleasant ones!

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