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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Number of Roses and Their Meaning

A few weeks ago I did a blog on the colors of roses and their meanings. Today, I'll give you the number of roses and their meanings. And, if you know anyone who can afford the 999 roses, send him my way! (Actually, I'm allergic to roses even though I dearly love them!).

Roses are native to the United States and are our national floral emblem. June is National Rose Month (when I wrote about the colors of roses). The rose is the state flower selected by Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia.

Now, the numbers of roses and their meanings:

Single Roses: "Love at First Sight".
Two Roses: "Mutual love". Stems wired together signifies "Upcoming Engagement or Marriage".
Three Roses: "One Month Anniversary".
Six Roses:"I Need Your Love" or "Infatuation".
Seven Roses: "We're Together".
Nine Roses: "Together Forever".
Ten Roses: "Perfect Love".
Eleven Roses: "Treasured Love".
Twelve Roses: "Be Mine".
Thirteen Roses: "Secret Admirer", "Friends Forever".
Fifteen Roses: "I'm Sorry".
Twenty Roses: "Sincere Love".
Twenty-one Roses: "Dedicated Love".
Twenty-four Roses: "I'm Yours All Day Long".
Twenty-five Roses: "Congratulations".
Thirty-three Roses: "Affectionate Love".
Thirty-Six Roses: "Remember OurFull-Blown, "Head-Over-Heels" Romance".
Forty Roses: "Genuine Love".
Fifty Roses: "A Love Without Boundaries".
One Hundred Roses: "Undying love".
One Hundred and One Roses: "You Are My One and Only Love".
One Hundred and Eight Roses: "Marriage proposal".
Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Roses: "I Love You Every Day of the Year"!
Nine Hundred and Ninety-nine Roses: "Eternal Love".

May your loved one surprise you with beautiful roses!

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Photos: Flickr: jason tinder, Hello-Julie, Joe Shlabotnik, and pasotraspaso's photostreams.


Tina Donahue said...

In this economy, if someone can afford to give you 365 roses, they do love you!! They're also probably rich. :)

mstreetman said...

Iv'e never been a fan of roses, I'm more of a tulip girl. But if someone is buying flowers for me, I'll take what I can get.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder who took the time to create this info and what influenced their choices. And how long ago was it designed? Have the number of flowers in a bouquet always had this significance or was it designed by florists? For me, any flower in any amount is welcome. Love them all!


文王廷 said...
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Katalina Leon said...

I welcome any color rose in any number. I do prefer a rich fragrance over visual perfection so I tend to gravitate toward the darker roses.

dor said...

Ha, I told my guy, he should get me 101 roses. You should have seen his face. Who knew all these meanings existed. Thanks.

Judy said...

Very interesting!! I love roses of all kind. If they send more than a dozen roses, they are in no need of money:)

jean hart stewart said...

I'm allergic to roses too. And lilies. Anything else is fine. Must be the fragrance... Oh well, plenty of other beautiful stuff out there.

Sandy said...

I love all flowers.

Are you sure roses didn't originate from England? You know there's an old saying about the English rose. I can't remember all of it. lol

Paris said...

My favorite has always been the peace rose but I do love yellow tulips:-) Like Jean, I'm allergic to Lilly's but I do love them.

I think the old rose varieties that haven't been hybridized are the most fragrant! I used to have wild rose bushes in my yard and their scent was incredible!

Jennifer Mathis said...

I'm allergic to roses personally but I think 999 roses means be mine I'm loaded lol

Renee Vincent said...

Wow, that was a very interesting post and I learned something today. I've been sending the wrong messages to most of my friends and loved ones. hahah

Debby said...

I love this information. thanks so much for sharing it.
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Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

I love roses tooo but I sneeze like there's no tommarrow. Iowa's state flower the wild rose is beautiful but we don't see them like we used to.... its sad. This is an awesome post. I'm going to tell my hubby if he loves me he'll get me 999 and some benedryl, lol


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