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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview of Reader Beverly Davis-Taylor!

It's my pleasure to present an interview of reader Beverly Davis-Taylor. It's so great to have readers tell us what their opinions are about romance books and the industry!

I am an avid reader who will pretty much reach anything I can get my hands on. That includes shampoo bottles. Although I am raising three kids and one husband (yes I am raising him also) I still find time to escape into a good story. And if a story is not around I just close my eyes and make one up myself.

Q: What type of genre do you enjoy the most and why?
A: Paranormal romance/erotica. I think I love these stories because they take you to a world so much like our own, yet so different. I really enjoy when an author can blend the right amount of mythology, fact and creativity.

Q: What inspired you to read romance books?
A: Although they days of a white knight coming to our rescue is long gone, most of us still want to believe we can have it. As children our parents read us stories of princess being saved by her prince and deep down inside no matter how old you are you want to believe your prince is still out there.

Q: Do you read ebooks, print books, or both? Have you thought about getting an ebook reader if you don’t already have one?
A: I read both. I have thought about getting an ebook reader and will probably invest eventually. Especially now that the prices are going down.

Q: Do you visualize the hero and heroine as you read? Do you use the cover (if they’re shown) as images for them?
A: I prefer to visualize my own heroes and heroines. Don’t get me wrong the covers are what sometimes intrigue me enough go get me interested in a story, but I usually have my own view of characters which are occasionally completely different from what the author describes.

Q: What is your all-time favorite romance book? Why?
A: Wow, I am more of a series girl than a individual book. If I had to narrow it down to a single story book not series it would be Crissy Smith’s The Flavor. It was my first m/m/f story and it will always hold a spot in my heart.

Q: When do you read and do have “comfort food” as you read?
A: Everyone knows reading is my addiction of choice. So I will do it anywhere and everywhere. Especially after a stressful day there is nothing better than curling up with a blanket and a book. I can’t say I have a “comfort food” when it comes to reading.

Q: Do you enter contests? What type of items do you enjoy getting if you win?
A: What really makes me go back to an author is when they have free book contests. Even if it is a small story it allows me to get a feel for their writing style and decided if it works for me. Usually if I like one story from an author I will go back and buy all of their stories. I tend to be a bit obsessive when I find an author that really tickles my fancy.

Q: What one question would you like to ask an author?
A: Because I prefer paranormal stories I would love to know how much of the stories do authors really believe in. Do they really believe in the ghost, vampires, shape shifters etc in their stories?

Q: How important is a cover when you’re looking to buy a book?
A: If it is an author I am already familiar with it matters very little. If it is an author that is new to me the cover can make me pick up the story or not.

Q: Do you read blurbs and excerpts? Which one is most important in your decision to buy a book and why?
A: I do read blurbs and excerpts. To me the blurb is more important since it is usually what I read first. That determines if I read the excerpt. Sometimes the blurb alone will sell me if I am on the fence about a story that is when I will read the excerpt.


Paris said...

Nice to meet you, Beverly! I'm so glad that reading is your addiction of choice. Mine too! I had to chuckle when I saw that you have been known to read a shampoo bottle. I can remember being a kid and reading the back's of cereal boxes at the table, LOL! Happy reading:-)

Tina Donahue said...

Great interview, Beverly!

Molly Daniels said...

Hahaha Paris:) I used to read the back of the cereal boxes too! Now my kids laugh at me b/c I'll read the Happy Meal boxes/kiddie meal bags at fast food restaurants!

Wonderful interview:)

Linda Kage said...

My shampoo bottle actually has jokes on. It asks the question on the shampoo and you find the answer on the conditioner. That's how I learned "SHOES" are the number one thing women throw most at men!!

It was wonderful to meet you, Beverly. Thanks for visiting.

Sandy said...

Hi Beverly,

I'm always thrilled to hear what readers have to say. Even though I don't write what you like. My publisher has a lot of paranormal.

I used to read everything I could get my hands on as a kid. My grandmother's library at the top of the stairs held many treasures.

Katalina Leon said...

Thank you for the interview Beverly, it's so wonderful to hear from readers.

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