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Friday, July 16, 2010

Too many things going at once

I've got too many balls up in the air and it worries me. I'm afraid I'm going to drop one of them with a big splat. I'm trying to rewrite one of my older books to a new format, which means cutting it by over 12,000 words. This is really hard to do, but for some hair-brained reason I'm having fun with the challenge. I'm working at that every chance I get.
Then I'm getting entries for my contest within the romancebooksrus contest and I want to answer every one. If any reader wants to take the time to follow the rules and enter I want to ackcnowledge and let her know I appreciate her time and effort. I'm also putting the finishing touches on two new books, one another long historical called "For Love and I are New" which I think is good. Of course I do, I love all my little darlings. The other book is an addition to my Mage series. It's about twins and the setting is London in 1934, so World War II is looming. The name Double Trouble would fit, as they're having big difficulties with their love lifes. Any suggestions gratefully considered, as I certainly want a more original name than the obvious one.

So I'm tackling too many things at once but enjoying myself. Here's the rules for the contest, so do enter. I think the questions are easy and so far, every entrant had gotten the correct answers.

My July contest.

WIN, WIN, WIN !!!!!!!

TWO e-book downloads from my backlist, winner’s choice, PLUS a Third Rose t-shirt adorned with the dramatic book cover.
Answers to these two easy questions are found on my website,

1.What instrument does Kate play in Song of a Druid Princess?

2.In The Third Rose, why does Sara want to shoot Wolf in the groin?

My contest is in addition to the big one, Christmas in July, being held for a Sony e-reader by the romancebooksrus group. You must join the romancebooksrus group to win the Sony. We all know this is a great group and what a great prize!!

Just shoot me the answers for my private contest to All correct answers go into a pool for a random drawing.


I'll end with a short excerpt from The Third Rose, recently released from RRP.

"His arms were somehow holding her again, as if he wanted to touch her while he still could. She prayed her seductive images were in his mind also. She leaned back against his arms and sighed.
“Josh, may I present my side of this without interruption. Just for two minutes? Please?”
He looked deep in her eyes, and evidently approved of what he saw, as the frown between his eyebrows eased. But he put her away from him and folded his arms. He leaned back casually against the wall, his stance as nonchalant as if they were discussing the menu for breakfast.
“Yes,” he said. “Two minutes. And I don’t know why I’m conceding even that much. There’s no way in hell you’re going with me.”
“A promising beginning,” she murmured. At his scowl she hurriedly backtracked. “No, I can’t waste my two minutes.” She breathed deeply. “If you go alone your purpose will be suspected at once, and everything possible will be done to stop you. Assassins will be sent out immediately and to several points. Half of London is now in Brussels. I hear the social life there is flourishing, and even some of the ton vacationing on the Continent are gathered there. We can put out the rumor I’m determined to sample some of the balls I hear are in progress. That I’ve insisted on it for the first step of our honeymoon, I’ll be thought flighty and selfish, but not unusual. I am the perfect diversionary tactic for you. At least your foes will stop and think. There, I took much less than two minutes.”
For the second time since he’d met her, Josh was speechless. Not quite as much as when she aimed a pistol at his most treasured masculine parts. Then he recovered his speech in time to make her believe he boasted perfect aplomb. Actually he’d been terrified the bloody gun would go off, accidentally or otherwise. Now he was terrified she was right. She’d made a good case, the last thing he wanted her to do. She’d become too precious for him to endanger in any way.
He knew many of the ton had migrated to Brussels. Letters were seeping back to friends and relatives, telling of the gay social life. The Duchess of Richmond was there, as were Georgiana Lennox, Lady Vidal, and much of the pink of society. Reports of Madame de la Tour du Pin’s large party and Carolyn Lamb’s arrival in a shocking state of undress were gleefully relayed. There were balls and fetes, theatre and opera parties as if war were not lurking over the horizon. Many of the party seekers had come to Brussels from Paris and other pleasure spots on the continent. The town was packed, with soldiers and generals, lords and ladies. It was all the rage to be in Brussels.
Her argument made sense. But more important, if she were with him he could protect her better than by leaving her behind. He had no idea how many traitors were involved in this despicable conspiracy."


Amber Skyze said...

My goodness, Jean. You certainly are busy. Good luck trimming the story. I always have a hard time cutting a lot. One or two words here and there I can do.

Enjoyed the excerpt.

Katalina Leon said...

Good Luck to you Jean, I'm sure you'll manage the challenges beautifully and have several more great books as a reward.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Amber and Kat. AS I said I'm surprising myself by having fun with this slashing although I usually resent taking out a word. Must be I like a challenge.....Jean

Tina Donahue said...

12,000 words - yikes! That's quite a challenge. Good luck, Jean!!

Judy said...

Thanks for the excerpt!! I really enjoyed it. You are a very busy lady!! Good luck with everything.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina and Judy. I'm working away. Don't know why I'm enjoying cutting all those words because I usually treasure every one. Must be it's such a challenge. Jean

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