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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dammit Doll's Travels to HELL Then Orlando for RWA!

When you're stressed by writing, deadlines, edits, rejections, etc., why not have a Dammit Doll to use for your frustration? Many versions and varieties of Dammit Dolls and their "sayings" exist, and here's a basic part:
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it
And as you whack the stuffing out
A romance writing industry version of Dammit Doll, according to Mid-America Romance Authors (, has a history that goes like this:
   "Dammit became a writer in 1967 while on leave from the KGB. He defected as a member of the St. Petersburg's Olympic noodling team. Tired of luring unsuspecting catfish in the icy arctic waters off the European coast, Dammit began his quest for publication.
    He has nine hundred twenty seven short stories published in such gloried publications as True Defector, Stories of Noodling Champions, and Poetry of the Arctic Circle.
    A true romantic at heart he published several paranormal, historical, time travel, suspense romance novels before setting out to instruct the world on the proper use of the em dash. Once he caught the writing instruction bug it took hold like a tick on a hound dog. He is embarking on his fifth annual world tour with a signing at the Moonlight Madness Mid-America Romance Authors Booth."

 Here are two of Dammit Doll's best-selling books:
"Goal, Motivation, Dammit" (right) and "Writing Action Adventure Romance" (left).  As Dammit Doll suggests:
Don't just chase your dream, catch it, and then beat it into submission!
And here's a Dammit Doll adventure:
Dammit Doll "Delusional Dandy"...better known as DD...been very busy this month as he travels the world in search of writing ideas for his next 100 stories. But, this blog will talk about his trip to HELL...and back!

All great artists suffer as they create their masterpieces...whether it's a painting, sculpture, or romance novel...and DD is no exception. To get a true insight of what it's like to suffer pain (as in romantic rejection, separations, misunderstandings, heartbreaking partings), he braved a trip to HELL.

Heartbroken after his true love, Hoity Toity, dumped him for Prince Charming, DD's world fell apart. He couldn't eat, sleep, or write. Going to HELL seemed the perfect place for him to go and do his suffering for closure at the death of his long-time affair.

He packed a few is optional in HELL...but brought along a non-meltable laptop so he could record his woes and anguish for future use in a book. Few people spoke to him while he was there...although some insanely wild chickens crossed his path...and that suited his demeanor. He was there to get in touch with his "inner feelings" while braving the heat. And, DD observed the suffering of those around him, inspiring emotional baggage to fill his head, thoughts, and cheap suitcase for his re-entry into the "real" world.

His next masterpiece of romantic literary fiction will be titled, "Love Equals Hell", a catchy phrase sure to gain tons of reader attention and interest.

For Dammit Doll's final adventure episode before appearing in Orlando, visit:
Once in Orlando, Dammit Dolls can be found at RWA's Moonlight Madness event on 29 July at the Mid-America Romance Authors booth. Stop by for your very own Dammit Doll!


Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.......................................................................

Sandy said...

If there are any Dammit Doll's left after RWA, I'm going to have to get one. lol Great story, Marianne.

Jean Hart Stewart said...

orI need one too....Jeab

Jean Hart Stewart said...

Geez, my comment came through all garbled. Need my coffee now, Dammit Doll later....Jean

April Ash said...

I think everyone can use one for one reason or another!

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