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Monday, June 7, 2010

Guest Blog from Reader/Writer Fran Abram.: What is Romantic?

Since this is my FIRST blog, let me introduce myself. I am Fran Abram. I grew up on the south shore of the Great Lakes in a wonderful little city called Erie, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Mercyhurst College with a degree in Biology and married my high school sweetheart (40 years and counting!). I have two grown children and one adolescent cat. I have been writing for about six years, nothing published yet, but I have a couple of contest finals under my belt, so - hope springs eternal. I'd love to hear your comments on my thoughts.

What is Romantic?

For men and women it’s a completely different concept. For men, some might even say it’s completely foreign. They equate romantic and sexy.

My dear hubby of over 40 years tells me, “Honey, it’s all hydraulic.” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar? Hydraulic response. Victoria's Secret Hydraulic response. Pretty girl on the beach? Hydraulic response (followed rapidly by dunking in the ocean).

But for women, romantic and sexy are two separate notions. Sexy happens with physical contact – peck on the cheek – pat on the rump – hand holding – and so much more! Romantic is more of a thought process. And of course romantic can definitely lead to sexy.

Romantic starts with the little gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness – of course the flower on the pillow is obvious, but what about the less blatant displays of romance?

My hubby is not big on romance, but he did something so completely unexpected for me I was completely bowled over.He “stole” my car from where I work and returned it later in the day after he washed it and did a complete detail on it, inside and out. WOW! The car was really REALLY dirty and I hate to wash it (or pay to have it washed).That wonderful, thoughtful gesture led to a very romantic (and sexy) evening.I had no idea he had even been paying attention when I complained about driving a grungy car.

So here’s the question - did your hubby, partner, or significant other ever do something for you that was completely off the wall but you thought was very romantic? I’d love to include some of your experiences in my next book (with permission, of course), so give me some good ones.

Photos: Flickr: D. Sharon Pruitt's photostream, and Fran's cat picture!
I'd like to thank Fran for being a guest blogger...a reader/pre-pubbed writer who took the plunge into doing a blog! Yea, Fran!


website mumbai said...

its a nice story .. wallpapers are very good

Paris said...

Great post and it's lovely to see you here! LOL! loved the hydraulic system explanation;-)

Hubby traveled for about twenty years and missed many birthdays and anniversaries. For one very important birthday he arranged dinner with the kids at a restaurant we loved. Oh, and the presents were money in a card that year;-)

Molly Daniels said...

I've now joked for the past four years my hubby says 'I love you' by bringing home several pounds of meat for the freezer:)

We moved in 2006, away from our favorite butcher, and haven't found one we like down here. So when he's working (he still works up by the old neighborhood), once a month he'll arrive with supplies:)

Sandy said...

Good job, Fran.

My hubby can't remember dates for anything, so I have to remind him a week before my birthday, our anniversary, kid's birthday, his birthday. Yep, he doesn't remember his birthday either. lol

Hubby was once romantic but not in his later years. lol

We used to sit in front of a burning fireplace New Years and drink a glass of wine while making resolutions. We had lots of dreams then. Smile.

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Fran - don't think I've ever heard 'hydraulic' used for a guy's response, but it fits...your hubby's totally correct. :)

Katalina Leon said...

One year I thought my husband forgot our anniversary. At the last minute he said let's get dressed up and go out. I dressed nicely in a black cocktail dress and heels and we drove aimlessly on Los Angeles freeways for an hour or more. I started to lose patience. Finally we parked the car in a protected lot in a harsh part of town and my husband took a rolling suitcase out of the trunk. We started walking through a large community of homeless people. No one bothered us but I wonder what the heck was going on?
We ended up behind the Union Train Station. My husband had reserved a sleeper car for us. It was very romantic. The train took us to New Mexico where we got remarried-in odd clothes he had chosen! I loved it.

Judy said...

Love the Blog, Fran. YOu gotta keep this up. Love the hydraulic thing too. Over our 40 years there have been many wonderful little things my hubby has done, little surprises like kidnapping me off to a B&B or surprise roses though not real often. I want...I get seems to be his motto. I don't take this for granted that's for sure. But the most wonderful romantic thing is He cooks...these wonderful dinner that I never want to go out. We sit on the deck and enjoy the meal,drink far too much wine, talk, giggle a lot and now and again we end up in bed, and after laughing and talking more. Sleep cometh and I awake glowing.

Polly said...

Another blog newbie! I had my first last week. You did a great job, Fran and got me to thinking: has my husband done anything out of the ordinary that might be considered romantic? Uh, no, but that's okay. I have plenty of romantic characters running around in my head to keep me company.


Heather Snow said...

Romantic is when he loads the dishwasher... :)

Seriously, though, my hubby recently replaced my old kitchen faucet with a trendy, brushed nickle fancy J faucet with the pull down sprayer, which was pretty romantic. The sexy part is that he replaced the ones in our bathroom with awesome, artsy ones that look like spouts made of bamboo to match my "travel" bedroom. He picked them out all by himself. He rocks ;)

Nice post, Fran!

LauraP said...

'hydralic' - how apt!

I'm blessed with a thoughtful dh who surprises me with books I've mentioned or more memory for the computer -- or even a new manure fork if that's what I need. The romance in our marriage isn't about diamonds and roses. It's there though.

jean hart stewart said...

Welcome, Fran. ONce my husband brought home an anniversary gift of a well-outfitted sewing basket. Since I hate, hate, hate to even thread a needle it didn't go over too well, in fact I blew. We laugh about it now and our kids think it's pretty funny. My daughter learned to sew early to make up for her mother's definciency.

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