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Sunday, May 2, 2010

POS sufferers unite!

I wanted to write something witty, sharp and meaningful and to quote my 12 year old nephew, "I got nothing."

For most normal people, having nothing is no big deal. For a writer, it's an automatic death sentence and I am sitting in the corridors awaiting my fate. No. I'm not suffering from the dreaded writer's block. I have named my affliction, POS - wait! It's not what you're thinking really!

POS stands for Promotions Overload Syndrome. Many authors are affecting by this crippling disease, just ask one.

Here's the dirty...we write, what we think is an awesome story. A publishing house accepts our manuscript and then we have to figure out how to promote our baby. Yes, publishing houses do promote, but let's get real for a minute...they can only do so much and no matter how much they do, we the creators of the story think it's never enough. We have to step in and get our name out there and rightfully so.

We must introduce ourselves to the world and let everyone know who we are and what we've written, and oh yeah, that they want to buy it. So, we start with the small Ning groups at first, then we incorporate the Yahoo Groups. By this time, we've got a Kazillion email addresses and passwords to remember, but that isn't enough! We squeeze in a blog of our own! Just in case, you know?

My problem is that I am so preoccupied with keeping up with the Jones that my Muse took a temporary vacation. I think she's in the Bahamas with the Smith's.

I have resolved to fix this and bring my Muse back. I am dwendling down the list I commit myself to. If you don't see me somewhere, it's not that I don't care, I promise. It's that I want my Muse back. Pronto!

I need to keep my readers happy and I can't do that with my Muse sipping Margaritas on a deserted Island, hiding from me. Statistics stated that the f/f genre, was not a favorable one and in spite of that, I have done pretty good. Not great, but good and I don't want to ruin it by streching myself so thin that I disappear.

I invite you all to get to know me, visit my website and my blog. You just might like something you read.

Here's are my words of wisdom, when the POS interferes with your writing, it's time to take the BS out back and put it to rest!

Annie :0)


April Ash said...

Oh, yes...POS syndrome! We have to promote to stay "visible"! But, you can't "lose your muse" at the same time! I've had a hell of a time finishing my current muse doesn't like the middle and I'm driving myself crazy with rewrites! AACK!!!
But, I've gotta do promo, and continue to try doing both!

Tina Donahue said...
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Carly Bright said...
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jean hart stewart said...

Great blog... I suffer greatly from POS. Add a husband who is not well to the mix of promo and writing and some days get crappy trying to creep up. I'm afraid promo, although I know it's important, takes a back seat to writing some days. ARghhhhh!

Katalina Leon said...

The right mind set for creative writing feels completely different from promo mind set. I have a hard time switching gears. In my mind Promo and quality writing are two separate talents with two separate skill sets. The answer? We must clone ourselves! I want a Promo clone... and a house keeping clone. lol

Molly Daniels said...

I'm with Jean and Katalina...I have a husband who has been temporarily disabled due to eye surgery AND I want a promo clone!

My muse returned with a vengeance two weeks ago, but finding time to write is tough with the new demands from the family.

Annie Alvarez said...

I'm happy I was able to discuss something we are relate to. I no longer feel so alone. :)
Thank you all!

Sandy said...

I'm with Kat on the clone. I need a publicist, a housekeeper, a cook and a hubby setter. lol

Good blog.

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