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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Animal Shelters


I've been missing in action because I have been doing edits for the last few weeks. Next will come the galleys, then I'll be done.

Okay, now I'm going to get to what I'm blogging about. lol Oh, by the way, Marianne, thanks for reminding I'm supposed to blog today. My mind has been away, and I don't think I have it back yet. Wink!

With the economy like it is animal shelters need our help, and here is a way to help out without it costing you anything. Just go to and click on give to the animal rescue and then click again. If you would be willing to do more that doesn't cost you anything at the top of the page there is a place to vote for your favorite shelter. You may have to type it in with the city where it's located to vote.

Now, if you really love animals there's a place somewhere there where you can ask them to send you a daily reminder so you can click every day.

Have a happy Memorial Day.

Sandra K. Marshall, Author of Addiction


jean hart stewart said...

We've got a great shelter not far fomr us. The Helen Woodward. They're currently building a bigger facility, but it's been great for years. Jean

April Ash said...

Bless those that run shelters...people are irresponsible when they don't have pets "fixed" and then abandon them.


Sandy said...


Then you definitely need to help them out. I'm sure they are on there.

Sandy said...

I'm sure they are blessed, April.

I agree with you about people being irresponsible. It's a shame when people abandon their pets. Usually, they hope the pet will be taken in by someone but that doesn't always happen.

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