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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Beautiful Strangers are coming!"

Beautiful Stranger

Katalina Leon

My new novel length e-book “Beautiful Stranger” was released yesterday and is now available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. This story is part of the Sophisticate Line. I couldn’t wait to share the cover and short blurb with you all.


Lily Fontaine is a former beauty queen and news anchor but those roles don’t suit her anymore. She’s healing from a hurtful divorce and ready to make big changes in her life, but first she needs her sexual confidence back.

She wants a lover without the risk of heartbreak and considers hiring a male escort as a special treat. Her best friend offers a provocative solution to her request. On her birthday, Lily returns to New Orleans, the place of her birth to meet a special man. She plans to fly in and fly out for a three-day weekend of cool music, great food and hot sex with no emotional attachment and no further contact with the man. She wants to pay to play and hopes to stay in control -what can go wrong?

David is perfect, the man of her dreams. He’s gorgeous, intelligent and knows how to take charge. The attraction is instant. With just the clothes on her back Lily sheds her old life and follows a Beautiful Stranger into bayou country for the adventure of a lifetime.

(I will say Lily’s plan does go wrong. She and David do fall in love and end up on an adventure that will take them both far from where they started…. Bring a tissue, because I just love messing with lovers! lol)



Molly Daniels said...

Congrats on the release!

Katalina Leon said...

Thank you Molly!

Tina Donahue said...

I love the title, Kat, and what an awesome cover. And the bring the tissue so enjoy a good, weepy ending. :)

May you have many, many sales!

Katalina Leon said...

Thank you Tina! Don't romance and few tears, even cathartic tears go hand in hand? lol

April Ash said...

Love the cover...he can be a stranger for me anytime!
Congrats on your release!

Katalina Leon said...

That gorgeous man is Jimmy Thomas, and he'll be at the Romantic Times Convention promoting his many business enterprises -yet another reason to feel left-out and jealous about NOT attending RT!!! lol

Linda Kage said...

Congrats!! How exciting.

Linda Andrews said...

Congrats on the release and I love the title.

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