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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blind Dates, Part Two

I blogged about the weird blind dates and the toads I'd come across. As promised, now I'll tell you about two blind dates that turned out fine.

Again, these happened while I was in college.

BLIND DATE NUMBER THREE: Once again, my college roommate, Carol, and her boyfriend, Bob decided to try once more and set me up with another friend of theirs. I made them promise no playboy types and it had to be someone who'd at least stick by me for our date night. Embarrassed by their first try, they were anxious to match me again and show they could get it right.

This time it worked.

Steve was studious and in the ROTC program at their college, just like Bob. We hit it off right away since I'd always respected military life after listening to my father's stories of being in the Navy.

We dated for about six months and Carol and I spent many weekends double-dating at the guys' college. Even went to a ROTC military ball. Eventually, Steve and I went our separate ways as he graduated and went into the Army.

BLIND DATE NUMBER FOUR: Carol wasn't done with me yet! Even though she and the guys had graduated and I was a college senior, she tried again...thinking she had figured out how to "match" me. This guy was from her hometown but now in the Army.

Mike was great. Really considerate, great listener...and I really liked him. I dated him on weekends he was home and I visited Carol. Even had him come to my home during spring break and thought we'd had a wonderful time.

Sadly, I was wrong. Mike decided he didn't want to get serious with anyone, and I was looking for a commitment with a future together. The next time I visited Carol, he said he couldn't get home. Carol and I went to a dance club one night and saw Mike there with another girl. I'd lost him, but still have nice memories of our dating.

Have you been on a blind date? Good or bad? Or, have you had different experiences like I did?

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Molly Daniels said...

What is it about military men?

The best blind date I had ended up leading to me developing my Arbor U series. Steve and I ended up spending nine wonderful, up-and-down emotional days together, and I later that summer, wondered what would happen if we ever saw each other again (he was home on leave, on his best friend was dating my rommate).

Surprise...five months later he returned and looked me up; we stayed in touch for 11 years, even after we'd both moved on with our lives (he fathered a child with another girl; I married my husband). I lost track of him several years back, and wish I could find him, as he doesn't know that Love Finds A Way was finally published! (Maybe that's a good thing...he can't hit me up for a piece of the royalties, ha ha??)

Marianne Stephens said...

You just never know who will inspire your writing, do you? We "write what we know or experience" along with creating our stories.
Sounds like a positive experience for you. wrote the book and he doesn't get any's all yours!
Thanks for commenting!

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