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Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2nd - Already?

Hi there and welcome to the 2nd of October !!

When my blog day gets here every month, i can't believe that another month has gone by.  
It goes so fast and i'm really not ready for winter to be here.
However, in Michigan, the weather is changing fast.  Already the trees are turning colors and the nights are really cool. Soon in Northern Michigan
everyone will be out driving everywhere taking color tours.
It's also rained alot here and while my hubby says we need it, i'm really over it.  My only hope is that all the rain comes out now before the temps start to drop below the 40's because that means snow and that is a bad 4-letter word for me.

So things are no less crazy in my house with the changes of the seasons.

My son is still in the midst of Cross Country.  Practice every day after school and at least 1 meet every week.  His times are great, he was born to be a runner. He's only in 8th grade and now in the High School but still considered JV.  The coach knows he can run but the problem is he'd beat half the runners on Varsity so he stays JV.  There are also only 3-4 JV runners total so they keep him there for a few purposes.  I know he's not the best runner at the High School but a 12 minute two-mile cross country run isn't bad.

I am blessed to have a step-daughter that is in love with Soccer, even though she's not playing this
season but she practices outside as much as she can and strives to do good with her homework even though 6th grade is proving to be a great challenge for her.

Then there's my youngest who lives and breathes horses.  She hasn't been to too many lessons this
fall but she's definitely been doing horse shows and it makes me so proud to see her sit atop that horse and she just glows.  Now these aren't any state competitions but it's a start :)She's truly living the dream for me because i'd like noting better than to be on a horse all the time.

Last but certainly not least is my oldest.  Whew, a senior this year.  That's a hard one to take.  My first
baby is all grown up and preparing herself to graduate.  Just yesterday she went to Central Michigan University to take her SAT's.  She hasn't really been an adventurous driver so that was a big deal to drive 45 minutes away in the dark and then poor thing, she got lost on the campus trying to find the right building.  Thank goodness there are still nice people in this world and she just barely made it in time.  Now the search for the right colleges begins.  So far I'm happy to report she's interested in staying here in Michigan and they are all within a short driving distance, whew ;)
The save-the-dates have all been prepared for her graduation party and those will mail out in the spring so she has a great turn out, and everyone can see me cry. I love my kids so much, i just wish i could freeze them at these ages now, along with myself lol.

 As for my writing, well that continues thankfully.  HOWEVER, just Friday my computer died.  My IT friend says all codes point to FRIED.  No coming back from that.  He did however manage to get everything from my hard drive onto an external which i am ever so grateful for.  Now is not the season for buying a new laptop so between my daughter and son, i'll be using theirs when they are not.  Only a little inconvenient but the deadlines remain so i don't have a choice.

Do want to share that I have teamed up with Author Michelle Ziegler and we are sharing a street team. Much easier to tag team on the posting and we are great friends :)
We'd love if any of y'all would like to follow along.  We are just getting started so please be patient. It's called M&K's Colorful Crew and you can join HERE.

Super thrilled to mention that the great boxed set I've been a pleasure to be a part of for a year now, Cowboy, Mine, is doing well and was just chosen to be part of the #PoweredbyIndie movement on Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace.  I am so thankful for the other 5 authors I am paired with...  Melissa Keir, D'Ann Lindun, Kathleen Ball, Lyssa Layne and Cheryl Gorman.  These ladies rock !!!  If you aren't familiar with all of these authors, you're definitely missing out!
And with these 5 great authors, we are collaborating again so stay tuned for that great news !

In other great news, I am also part of a boxed set(anthology) with
8 other authors for RB4U and our set is coming your way soon!

Roping the Cowboy: Romance on the Range
and you can pre-order HERE for just 99¢, so hurry and get your copy reserved.
Authors:  Janice Seagraves, Nicole Morgan, Rose Anderson, Denyse Bridger
Gemma Juliana, Michelle Zurlo, Tina Donahue, Krista Ames, Suz deMello

We'd also love your support for release day, October 15th.
We have a Headtalker campaign,
and a Thunderclap too,


I also just had a free read release from Roane Publishing,
Love Takes the Cake, a Cooking Up Love short story,
 and you can get your copy HERE, along with 7 other free reads.
 If you sign up to be a Roane Reader member, you can get 25% off your first title.

* * *
Ok, enough blabbering about me and my stuff.  You all have a great weekend and if you have the time, I'd love to hear how the weather is where you are !!!

Krista Ames


Cara Marsi said...

Beautiful pictures! Your kids are so cute. Here on the East Coast, some leaves are falling but they haven't changed color yet.

Congrats on being chosen for the Amazon Indie Writes!

Krista said...

Thanks so much Cara, they are all good kids :) It was sure a surprise for the Amazon Indie Writes !

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on the wonderful children! They seem to all be loving their individualized sports and school activities. They do grow up so quickly!

Even down here in Michigan, the leaves are barely changing colors. The wet has been yucky and I think it's spitting again. *Sigh* The hubby is never going to get that grass mowed!

Congrats on your new releases!!

Krista said...

Thanks Melissa. Even up here just in the last few days, the color has appeared more and more. We need our yard mowed too but i think secretly my hubby is glad for rain so he doesn't have to do it lol

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