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Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Blog: Mary Corrales: Be Free and Write!

October 28th is the birthday of the Statue of Liberty; an American icon of freedom and democracy. It makes me smile to see the proud way this majestic female holds up a torch for all to see, beckoning and encouraging the world to have hope.

I think of the ways that we as people are blessed in this country to have the freedoms that we do. We have the freedom to vote and voice an opinion, the freedom to respectfully disagree, and the freedom to be creative and express ourselves. Writing or even reading erotica and erotic romance isn't to everyone's taste. I understand that.

In a way, those of us who journey upon the writing path know that we will at some point face adversity. It may be in a rejection letter, an unfairly bad review or perhaps a disparaging remark about our writing, but the burning need and desire to write does not diminish within our souls. It burns bright like the Statue's glorious light.

So we sit back down at the computer, pull out those unfinished manuscripts, and return to our craft. That flame of creativity never dies though it may flicker low at times. When we're burned out and without hope, we continue to read books, fueling our imagination.

Why do any of us ever have doubts about the path of writing? Given the freedom to write, express our passions and share our creativity, there is no reason to hesitate. Sit down and put words to the page. This is your right as an author, an America and a human being to let your torch shine bright.

I may sound like a cheerleader, but I will always celebrate the accomplishments of writers and authors alike whether the write in my genre or not. I know the struggle. That said, nothing should nothing stop us from achieving our dreams, least of all ourselves. Go write!

Mary Corrales

Mary Corrales is a multi-published paranormal erotic romance author. Her newest book, Love's Demon Ways is available now through Siren-Bookstrand. She is currently working on the sequel, which is tentatively titled Sin's Way.

Alexine Coridan is lonely and unlucky in love. Vowing to live her life with no more regrets, she decides to have a one-night stand with the Nightfall Art Gallery’s reclusive owner, Ren Aloysius, but is he more than she is looking for? What forces will be unleashed when she sheds her inhibitions for a man who promises ecstasy with just one touch?


Liz said...

Great post mary. Yes, we are very lucky in our country on many levels. I just got into a little argument with some folks over "hating Facebook" because it "censors" authors/artists who write/photograph erotic art. I reminded them that if they hate FB they are free to leave and form another online social networking platform: one that welcomes erotic artists of all types. But, in the interest of REAL free speech they could not censor anyone who joined and had a differing opinion from theirs. It's a tough reality.

I don't agree with closing down a person's social networking platform with no warning based on the fact that someone else thinks it is "obscene". And that FB should be "fair" and take down pages that feature bestiality and/or child pornography that some say still linger.

But freedom comes with responsibilities and as grown ups we have to acknowledge this fact. We are free to write whatever we want, get it published, even publish it ourselves. Others are free to be offended by it and say so in whatever forum they choose.
Unfortunately. yes. But its part and parcel of living in one of the free-est societies on the planet.
whew--soapbox this morning! sorry! THANKS for the post.

jean hart stewart said...

Thought-provoking post. I'm thankful every day for our freedoms and that I can write what I want.

Mary Corrales said...

Blogger ate my first response, let's try again...

Liz - You've made excellent points and are right. Real free speech consists of differing opinions and respectful debate.

I agree that social networking sites should at least give a single warning before closing down a person's page. Of course, it usually comes down to who yells the loudest rather than what is the truly responsible thing. If there is such a thing.

I like you on the soapbox. Lol. Thanks for commenting!

Jean - I share your gratitude. Especially when I see the young faces of our military who stand so bravely for us all.

Anonymous said...

Really GREAT Post, Mary! And I agree with you 100%. Take ANY form of our Freedom away and we're no longer Americans!

WHOA, is that Cover sooooo HOT!! And Ive got to admit....Ive read the book TWICE! Love it! Your Erotic stories are sooooo sexy, but they are also very full of emotions. THAT makes them stand out from others!

Wishing you a Happy 28th Freedom Day!

HUGS, Kari Thomas,

Mary Corrales said...

Kari - Ah, thanks so much for the compliments. I must say, i'm looking forward to your new book coming out. The cover is quite sensual.

Yep gang, I get sneek peeks at all Kari's books. I'm a lucky woman! Hot stuff!

Katalina Leon said...

Wonderful post Mary! We are so fortunate to live in a free society.

E. Ayers said...

We do have the freedom to write and to choose what we read. I'm not much of an erotic reader , but I know lots of erotic writers and I support them. On the other hand, I'm not much for reading the super tame stuff. I often find it to be funny because the author dances around the concept that we are sexual creatures. One kiss and she's pregnant! But the truth is people do have a choice and that's what is important, be it as a reader or as a writer.

I think we're moving away from censorship. In the long run, it will be a good thing. What is available now, didn't exist 40 years ago.

Good luck on your newest release. That's a very sexy cover. :-)

Rose Anderson ~ Romance Novelist said...

Great post Mary! I think it was Oprah who said she was blessed to be a woman born here. I agree, though I am not overlooking that nagging inequality where paychecks are concerned. Writing erotic romance to break into this publishing world, I can't imagine living in other countries we hear so much about. My books have sensually explicit wording so I'd surely be targeted by some extremist nut.

On the other hand, I may not even know how to write because educating females is seen as an affront to religious doctrine. Then again, there are worse things out there for women like me. I might get acid thrown in my face, I might get stoned for driving a car. I might get brutalized and then killed for MY sin. Yes, freedom is a good thing. Happy birthday Statue of Liberty. Shine on, you copper-skinned Titaness!

Mary Corrales said...

Katalina - Yes, we are lucky and it's a good day everyday that we remember.

E - I think it's a good thing that society has evolved and is becoming more educated. It does mean less censorship as we learn to understand, accept, or just tolerate information.

Mary Corrales said...

Rose - So true. The rest of the world can be a dangerous place for a woman. Personally, I'd like to go to some of those countries and kick some male ass. But, mom says no. Lol

We as women may have to work hard to prove our place in this world but it only makes us stronger, just like our lovely Statue of Liberty.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Mary. I have been up as far as the crown in the Statue of Liberty. It's a wonderful view.

Mary Corrales said...

Sandy - That must have been an incredible experience. I'm not much for heights, unfortunately, but I think the experience would definitely be worth the vertigo. :)

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