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Saturday, April 2, 2011

When do you find the time?

Instead of writing, which I should be doing, I am promoting. Why? Because I feel the need to get my name out there. Every good author with the exception of a limited few, had to start at the bottom.

When do I find time to write? In between jumping from one group to another. I steal precious moments to jot down a few lines on the keyboard, before I head off to another site that requires my attention.

You'd think that with the amount of time I spend on certain sites, spreading my name, someone would recognize me already. But, oh no. It's not that simple, you see. I'm a specialized writer, catering to the lesbian community and as such, I most first win their trust. It couldn't have been as simple as intriguing men to purchase my f/f erotica

We all know that men have that "watching two girls" fantasy. Don't lie, my brother and cousin, both admitted it. LOL

I have promoted myself half to death and yet, continue to make small strides forward, but I'm not giving up. Seriously, the amount of time I spend on promoting is now bordering on insane.

Personally, I have a twitter account, Facebook, RomanceWiki, Goodreads, and a linked-in account. Oh, and I just joined forces with Erotic Network. Not bad considering.

Now's the fun part. For my writing I have a Naughty Little Vamp twitter, blogger and facebook account.

For promoting within the lesbian community I have a new blog, Sheboi and a blogger, twitter, and facebook account to go with it. Not to mention, that you can find me at Butch-Femme, Lesbian Flirts, and half a dozen more that I've forgotten the names to.

I counted at least 15 places, 16 if we include Romance Books "R" Us.
I'm tired. Someone wanna do the promoting for me? Cheap?


Tina Donahue said...

Your post hits homes with so many writers, Annie. May you soon have instant name recognition and a zillion sales. :)

Lauracea said...

LOL, Annie. I know the feeling soooooo well. If you find someone who'll do your marketing, let me know because I could do with it too. If I were a marketer I'd have gone into marketing.

jean hart stewart said...

I think all of us beat our heads trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I've given up on some of my groups to concentrate on a few. Anybody with the answers please let me know. Jean

Mary Corrales said...

More truthful words were never spoken, Annie. I like that you're not giving up. No author should.

We all need to push forward, cause you never know what's awaiting just around the corner.

Best of luck!

Annie Alvarez said...

I have been out all day and just got home to find over 600 emails, and 4 wonderful comments waiting for me. Thank you :0)

I will keep a close eye out to see if I can find someone to promo/market for free, although, I wouldn't hold my breath. LOL

Tina, I'm not greedy...I don't need a zillion sales, but a million would do. I would happily share my sales with other great authors I have found on this blog. :0)

No one ever told me how hard the after writing would be. I wouldn't change a thing, but a heads up would have been nice.

No, I won't give up, but I am getting tired...I think I need a mud slide :0)

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